Philippine Sunset

Philippine Sunset

Sunset in the Philippines, is perhaps, one of the most romantic in the world. Sunsets are a site to behold, it gives a calm and subtle feeling of reward that a day’s hard work is over and a rejuvenating night is at hand.


47 thoughts on “Philippine Sunset

  1. i really love scanning your photos sir 🙂 for me, sunset symbolizes hope for it shows that in the dark there is still light and sunrise symbolizes victory where in the light shines fully telling us he defeated the dark 🙂 🙂

  2. I do agree! Philippine sunsets are always breathtaking wherever you go! No wonder our ancestors have once practiced rituals that honor the sun and its glory!

  3. Sir nakakarelax naman.The element of water, land, and the magnificent sky together with the child, combined together. It actually looks perfect.

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