The 8th Wonder of the World – Banawe Rice Terraces

The 8th Wonder of the World - Banawe Rice Terraces

The blogger’s first travels include a visit to the majestic Banawe Rice Terraces dubbed as the eight wonder of the world and known by many as ‘the Stairways to Heaven’.


24 thoughts on “The 8th Wonder of the World – Banawe Rice Terraces

  1. sir I really do admire how you inspire us( your students) in simple ways. Because of how you describe how beautiful Banawe was and how I’ve seen how happy you are just by those stories I will really go there someday and I’ll also share it to others.

    • I think that’s my calling Ms. Jhaniel … beautiful Banawe is one of God’s greatest gift to the Philippines. How and why it was made is remarkable. You should not miss this place…

  2. More than just a sight to behold and its grand scale that makes it a wonder, the Banaue rice terraces is the ultimate epitome of Filipino ingenuity even in the most trying times. It is carved out of the mountain ridges to ensure that water and nutrients from the soil is fully utilized paving way for better harvests. It truly deserves all the credit it gets and probably could even be dubbed as the “beauty with a purpose!”

    • very well said ! I agree, I just hope that the locals take care of this world wonder before its too late. I guess they have to get some lecture on Sustainable Tourism Development πŸ™‚

  3. This place proves how brilliant our ancestors were. They made such a wonderful site for our generation and for the next generations to enjoy and to protect. πŸ™‚

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