Indigenous people

Indigenous people

With its 7,107 islands, there is no doubt that the Philippines is rich! Culturally speaking … and in ancient and medieval times, culture was the benchmark of success. One of my many poignant photos depicting the happy faces of the indigenous people of Banawe in Ifugao and me from the ‘lowlands’. A living proof that the Philippines is rich !


31 thoughts on “Indigenous people

  1. This photo made me think. What would happen after 50 years? Will we still be able to see this culture or are we looking at a bleak future? It is worth preserving but we cannot turn our backs from the ebb and flow of modern times. I am hoping for the best! Never been to Banawe but will the younger generations willing to embrace this?

  2. . i can feel the oneness and the warmth of the picture sir and me seeing them smile as if they don’t worry anything makes my heart smile.

  3. Aaww sir.. I love this photo bigtime! 🙂 Nakakatouch grabe.. Those happy faces of indigenous people are Priceless ❤ This photo made me feel that we must preserve our own culture and must be proud of 🙂

  4. These people’s smiles show how happy they are with their lives. They are content with what they have while most of us here in the cities complain and whine about trivial inconveniences that are easily resolved (I, unfortunately, am one of those people). I also wonder if their children and grandchildren are willing to take over the task they have of preserving and nurturing their culture and practices. In today’s modern world, a lot of these youth are leaving their roots to pursue what they think will bring them to prosperity, but often forget where they came from. I’m not saying that their ambitions for success are wrong, but they should know that they’re leaving behind a culture that is slowly being eroded by modernity. If nothing is done to save the culture they have, it would disappear forever and be lost. 😦

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