Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills in the island of Bohol in the Philippines is one of the most unique landscapes in the country. Over a hundred hills like these stretches as far as the eye can see. Many legends and folklore has been associated with this magnificent wonder, but one thing is for sure, they look like Hershey’s chocolates indeed.


20 thoughts on “Chocolate Hills

  1. My humps… really is more fun in the Philippines. It is fascinating how chocolate hills were formed. Strong scientific evidence suggest that it was an underwater wonder thousands of years ago. It changes in hues depending on the season of our country. Dry season makes it brown while when wet season comes it is green! No wonder a our ancestors were puzzled as to how these hills were made hence, the myth of the spitting giant! Chocolate Hills will always be mystifying and it is one of the many proofs of how blessed our country is!

    • yes they do, every summer they are brown because the grasses dry up while turned very green during rainy seasons. For some climate change of events, this photo was taken during summer (March), but they’re green instead of brown because its been raining daily according to the locals.

  2. when i first saw a photo of chocolate hills i thought they were really small but when i saw it in personal they where to big..

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