One of Bohol’s treasures live in the wild. The Philippine tarsier scientifically known as Carlito syrichta, known locally as the kupal in Cebuano or Visayan and mamag in Luzon, is an endangered species. It is endemic in the Philippines.


24 thoughts on “Tarsier

  1. @Ysabelle I’ve heard that too. They are too delicate and one of a kind. When exposed to too much stress, they take their own lives! I would love to see one and hold it in my hands but I am afraid that they would kill themselves upon the sight of me! Hahaha. Anyhow don’t be fooled by those eyes, they function best at night!

    • that’s right ! perhaps one of the best ways of preserving these animals is to just let them be. Holding, touching or caressing them may do more harm than good. Leaving them in their natural habitats will help them live in their natural states, so that they can propagate more.

  2. Sir ang cute naman. Pero kawawa pag nasobrahan sa stress. But still they’re refreshing to the eyes by just seeing them alive.

  3. i wish to see them before they will be totally gone 😦 sad because it’s near to extinct., want to help., but how?

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