A smile

A smile can brighten up a day, a greeting can lighten it up until the night !

I just got back from what I hope would become a daily habit, jogging.  I hope to fulfill this task until I get used to it and becomes a hobby that I will crave for daily. Cross my fingers 🙂

My usual route is the pine trees-shaded South Drive here in Baguio City.  Cool mountain breeze touched my face as I went alternating running and walking.  Along the way, I crossed-paths with other joggers, bikers, and even dog-walkers. I noticed how much a simple smile from random strangers can relieve stress on my foot and kept me on my pace.It absolutely just make me lighter and helped me kept going.

I’ve crossed paths with several Koreans and their smile is accompanied with a slight bow of the head, that is very respectful of them.  There were two American couples (I know Americans because of their twang) greeted me ‘good morning and have a good one’, and I thought that was refreshing. Several other joggers just simply waived their hands and uttered a lip-sync ‘good morning’ and moved on.

A simple nod, a smile or perhaps a lip-twitch could brighten up a day.  Its easy to do, its free and it can make the world a little bit brighter, well, at least in this part, Baguio City. Have a great ‘smiley’ day everyone 🙂 🙂 🙂


10 thoughts on “A smile

  1. And your smile always brighten up our day Sir. 🙂 We love the way you smile. It’s not fake. It is very sincere and full of happiness. 🙂

  2. A smile is an inexpensive way to change our looks. so always smile, because through smiling, we can inspire other people to have a positive outlook in life too. :)))) un grand sourire pour tout le monde

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