The Philippines will move on! (My take on the Corona hullabaloos!)

Disclaimer: This is my humble point of view that I wish to spread across.  I am not a lawyer (you’ll find this obvious as you read through; I am just a mere law-abiding citizen (not a single traffic violation on record); who is looking forward to a brighter day in this country that I love will be well because the taxes that I pay will not be corrupted anymore and I can use it for future wonderful escapades!

The day after the nation-stopping, crime-halting and heart-pounding end of a 43-day (44th being judgment day) impeachment trial of the Philippine Supreme Court Justice Renato Corona where he was convicted guilty on Article 2 of the impeachment proceedings,  gave me a positive feeling that this country will move on.

How is a sacrificial lamb, as fat meaning rich, no pun intended, as CJ Corona not worthy? It is so worthy that people who work in the government will now think twice before doing something unbecoming of an elected official.  However, it is a vicious cycle.  Let’s just count how many of them will be put into trial and then convicted within our generation. But, let’s just move on and wait for the next chapter.

We used to always think that this country is corrupt, that our elected officials are corrupt.  Now that we have finally have someone convicted by just a mere ‘betrayal of public trust’ many people beg to differ.  What do you want? You want him not convicted and then what? Sooner or later, somebody will emerge as the center of yet another impeachment trial; what if they did not convict Corona? Then all the others who will follow such act will be acquitted sighting the case of Corona vs. the Senate of the Philippines for that matter J So much for our desire for a corrupt-free nation then.

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, Renato Corona will still be richer than most of us and is worth more than most of us will be in our lifetime.  He just lost his position as a Chief Justice (he’ll live to see another day) a position so well-esteemed that whoever should sit there must be flawless, almost infallible, someone who is worthy of delivering ‘justice’ to whoever deserves it, for that person is just… ‘Just’.  The Supreme Court Justice, being the highest giver of justice in the land should be a role-model, an epitome of intelligence, wisdom and knowledge.  But with what most of us heard and saw (others chose not to hear and see) during the proceedings was a chief justice so clue-less about a lot of things, someone who claims in good faith, withheld dollar accounts in his SALN.  If the senator judges let that pass, how do we now justify the term that says, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”; all I know is that more than anyone in this country, a chief justice must know that;  and a SALN I believe was a law to prevent corruption in this country.

If he was not convicted anyway, I believe that this country will become chaotic, many nationalistic Filipinos will be mad, they (me included) will have to fight tooth and nail just to give ‘justice’ to that poor old woman in Davao Del Norte who was convicted guilty for not including her stall in the market and an earning of Php1000 in her SALN few years ago. She was removed from her job as a court interpreter, stripped-off her benefits that could prepare her for old-age and is never allowed to work in any government agencies ever.  Now, that would have been injustice, in case Corona was not convicted.  Unlike Corona who will be rich no matter what, this woman has to endure lifetime of shame and of course, she remains poor.

I just hope that Corona accepts his fate, after all, no matter how we put it, he disobeyed a law and betrayed public trust, he is not worthy of such coveted position. (Especially after finding out that he was an Ateneo professor who taught Business Taxation among others, how he could not know anything about accountancy was a blatant mockery of our intelligence!)  But then again, I will move on because no matter how much we argue, Corona will live a comfortable life (financially speaking), with nothing but a bruised ego and pride.

Many people now blame the Senator Judges, as our elected representatives, they are the ones we trusted to represent us. I think what they did was right.  All of us have our own take on this issue, we have our own personal desire on this issue (all of us want to be heard), others want Corona convicted, and others want him acquitted.  These senators represented us very well.  The majority of the senators who find him guilty represent the majority of us Filipinos who feel exactly the same.  It is sad that many people even would quip a bible verse that says something that whoever has not sinned cast the first stone.  If we will always put this in a context, all of us will be throwing stones at each other; it will become a blood bath.  But in this circumstance, it is obvious that whoever cast a guilty verdict had nothing to hide, unless you can prove that these senators are hiding something anyway. Be my guest, impeach them!  However, I just thought, how difficult could it be to accuse someone guilty if you yourself deep inside is guilty of such? You would now resort to washing of hands, alibis, say to yourself, “I do the same so I won’t cast the first stone”, so you say, “I will acquit!”  Now, let’s move on and stop accusing senators of things like they are running for office that’s why they chose a popular decision; they want to gain public trust; they need pork barrel and etc. Anyway, who does not think that way? If you don’t then you should cast the first stone and move on!

Many people still blame the President of the Philippines, the convicted Corona himself still blame Pinoy.  Unfortunately for him and fortunately for the country, for the first time, we have a president who is irritatingly good.  I voted for him because of his promised ‘daan na matuwid’ campaign.  I believe he is merely doing what he promised.  May be the manner in which he executes these decisions is not so popular, but should you be the one there, how would you like it done? The previous administration was filled with grey areas to begin with, and it was occupied with so many issued that concerns corruption.  Now, how do we want to fight corruption, would you start from its branches or from it grassroots?  It so happen that the grassroots can be found on top rather than the bottom.  Anyway, at the end of the day, Pinoy is still our elected president and he is just merely doing what he think is right, we voted for him and he is doing just what he promised.  Now, if you feel like he is not worthy of being the president, be my guest again, impeach him! Otherwise, let’s move on.

Now, Corona is found guilty.  I absolutely admired the proceedings at least nobody threw some punches or chairs (unlike in other countries), but someone threw a lot of disrespectful words, I admired her before now no more.  I have learned so much especially on issues concerning law and I found how lawyers could be both annoying and admirable at the same time.  Kudos to Dumbledore, the wise man of the senate,  Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile. Crime rate yesterday I suppose was lower, and traffic in Manila was lighter.  Now, I am back in Baguio and I have realized how much politics can stress me out as I don’t want to see an impeachment trial anytime soon. So I will leave sociopolitical issues for now and go cultural and environmental.  It is healthier so I will move on!

Thank you!


9 thoughts on “The Philippines will move on! (My take on the Corona hullabaloos!)

  1. Hey Lee! Kudos to you for writing this piece! Personally though, i’m not quite sure what moving on means. Do we stop at Corona or do we go after all the grafters in govt.? Don’t think i can move on until genuine reforms are implemented and all corrupt officials are held accountable. I can dream now, can’t I? Also, as for Corona, i don’t think things will be all rosy for him from now on. I know some groups are planning to file criminal charges against him. If found guilty, his assets can be sequestered by the govt. As it is, he already lost his job, can’t run for office and stands to get stripped of all govt. related benefits. Karma really is a b@#$%! Great article, Lee. Next time you’re in Manila, beer is on me =)

    • Thanks for reading my article Gian, I’m really flattered. Moving forward positively is what I meant Gi. A lot of my FB friends claim that what the senate did to Corona will turn the country upside down. As in it will have negative effects which I hate to believe. I know that this is only the beginning, after all PINOY just had his speech and declared that this is just the start, now we can look forward to a better future. Hopefully hindi lang ito sa simula. Also, I’d really like a further investigation on Corona’s possible ill-gotten wealth ! Looking forward to the beer Gi :-))

  2. Lee, I really salute you for bravely writing that much awaited write up it wasvso fantastic, realistic and the real thing . I love what you wrote about Pinoy, I just dope he really means what he said up to the end. He might be Noynoying as what others is claiming but then again he fulfill his promise when elected as President. We all have different versions the Impeachment Trials but i am so glad justice still prevails.

    • thank you so much for taking the time in reading my write up. I really really appreciate it 🙂 yes, we do have different perceptions but rather than dwelling on anything negative, let’s think positive about things. I’m glad justice prevailed ! :-)) All the best

      • Thanks again Lee, you always inspire me in everything you write in FB, I meant what I said about Pinoy. You really made me adore you all the more. You are so intelligent that I am happy because with the new findmjob you have right nownyou inspire many people and spread all the good things that you wish them to be Love, I am also happy that you continue to love me inspite of what had happened before. thanks.


        • Thank you Mommy Rose for the kind words :-)) I think I am blessed because I do not dwell in the past; always looking toward the future. You are in my heart forever !

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