Enjoy Work

Happiness is not in achieving what we worked for. Happiness is in the work itself. Work is its reward.

William B. Girao

A couple of years ago, a former colleague who for once became my boss as well (this was during my 7 year stint in the corporate world!), asked me how it is like to become a teacher. Obviously, he saw my travel photos on FACEBOOK and perhaps wondered how on earth he (referring to me) could travel so often while keeping a supposedly hectic work schedules. The answer is simple, I do not work. I travel to live my life and I teach to live my life more significantly!

(A cropped snap shot of me at work)

As a member of the faculty of a university in a mountain resort city of Baguio City (everyday is like vacation), I do not really consider my profession as ‘work’. I look at my work as a hobby. It is something that I enjoy, that I miss so often and eager to look forward to everyday.
Pastor William Girao, in his tiny book ‘Enjoy Life’, wrote that “when we work we participate in the divine activity of creation and redemption. Through work we share in God’s powerful and sovereign program in preserving life, in developing natural creation, and in redeeming and nurturing a people for God”. My work as an assistant professor in the university is to teach, but I do more instructing and professing. Professing about how life have made me and that I share to my students. Its rewards come in on a daily basis, like how food nourishes the body; knowledge nourishes the mind and every student that I encounter nourishes the entire person in me. It’s a vicious cycle that makes me alive. Students come and go, but the bond that connects me to every one of them makes me linger a lot more. It is so inspiring that I invest on travels and brand new understanding so that I can throw in fresh and first-hand experience to all my eager students. I help preserve life in my own little way and at the same time, my life is preserved!

(class photo taken in front of the SLU Campus in Bakakeng, Baguio City)

But the pay is much less than what you can get from the corporate world many people argue. If you count the take home pay, yes it is way less. But I count the essential benefits; like having more free-time for family, friends, travels, silent moments, spiritual enrichment, and many other hobbies. Other benefits include, continues learning and knowledge & skills acquisition, endless flow of new friends and acquaintances, healthy and refreshing lifestyles. Moreover, I personally believe that there is no other job in the world that can keep you young forever than teaching. It is a reward that no amount of money can buy. My profession makes me happy because it is in itself my happiness !

     (Photo above shows me with my students in one of our Field Trips to Palawan)


Let’s make our work a wanderful escapade too !



20 thoughts on “Enjoy Work

  1. a daily reader here sir!
    loving your blog a lot
    it really motivates me when i read your new blog post
    esp. those saying.

    one of the sadness part of my college life is yung dko man lng kyo
    nging teacher 😦

  2. Camilla is right. I am now a frequent reader of what ever you write. It really is inspiring. All the more it is not the money that makes a person happy but the things that you love most doing . You are an every inch right go Lee share all your knowledge to everyone do whatever is right for you to do that will help and make you happy. I am very proud of you Lee I would like to tell the world, Hey, he is one of my colleaque before. One of the best!!!!

  3. very well said sir and glad to be part of your teaching career.. your one of the best and brainy instructor ive ever had! 🙂

  4. nice one sir. very inspiring and also, i wanted to be like you someday. i wanted to travel to different places and to experience different things that you’ve experienced. continuer à monsieur inspirante!!!

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