Mt. Cabuyao, a destination closest to the heavens !

If you think you have seen everything in the Summer Capital of the Philippines, well, think again! There is an alternative destination perfect for those who seek high-altitude adventure or simply just tired of seeing the ‘usual’ but uniquely beautiful tourist spots in Baguio City.

There is of course, Mount Cabuyao!  This mountain is very visible from the city of Baguio and is often used as a backdrop by many photography enthusiasts.

Mount Cabuyao, which is sometimes mistaken as Mount Santo. Tomas (same thrill no matter how you call it) is just about 12 kilometers from the city center.

The mountain has been part of my family and friends’ itinerary.

We love to experience the ‘colder’ climate and ‘fresher’ mountain breeze on top of this mountain. The feeling of being at level with the clouds is rejuvenating and the chance to have a bird’s eye view of Baguio and its surroundings is breath-taking.

Thick fog and clouds envelop the mountain mostly in the afternoon or during rainy seasons, but the majestic mountain made famous by two imposing radars (I fondly call Mickey Mouse) can be seen clearly in the morning or during summer.

Going up the mountain used to be treacherous because of the thin rough roads but most of it are paved now making the hike or drive easier but still ‘treacherous’ (read on so you will know why).

Although, land and rock slides are very common, the police station at the foot of the mountain will inform tourists when the road is passable or not. The mountain is about 7,000 feet above sea level and perhaps the location with the highest altitude nearest the bustling city of Baguio.

The Department of Tourism of the Cordillera Administrative Region recognizes this mountain as a pilgrimage and adventure destination.

Found in the new tourism site, are fourteen 3 x 3 sized and 5 feet high structure of the Stations of the Cross and Our Lady of Miraculous Medal chapel, vegetables terraces, and a few home-stays for transient should you wish to stay for a night.

Dubbed as the Switzerland of Benguet, Mt. Cabuyao is an ideal place for pilgrimage because of its solemnity, exclusivity and exquisiteness. While a delight for the adventurers because of its narrow, rail-less and cliff-edged roads. The place has a cool invigorating climate, and the weather is cooler than the City of Baguio.

Best Time to Visit:

  • Schedule your visit early in the morning to enjoy the view of Baguio City from there.
  • Summer time (March-May) is the perfect time to enjoy the place.

How to Get There:

  • You may take a passenger jeep from the town center but the schedule is very erratic; trips depend on the number of passengers and weather conditions.
  • You may hire a taxi that you can hail from anywhere within the city. Just be prepared to pay a few hundred pesos should the driver requests for a contracted price. (The last time I asked, taxi drivers charge around 400 pesos back and forth)
  • Should you prefer ‘hiking’, you may hail a taxi and ask to be dropped-off at the police station found at the foot. Hike is about an hour going up. Don’t worry the roads are paved anyway, and the accent is not steep.
  • Drive; make sure you have a very good driver and a well-maintained vehicle. Ensure you have enough gas and the break is in immaculate condition.

What to Observe:

  •   Cleanliness! Make sure not to dispose any garbage in the vicinity. Bring all trash with you.
  • Respect the local culture. Do not be rowdy, noisy or boisterous.
  •   Greet and smile at people.
  • The place is practically a vegetable farm; you may purchase these from the farmer themselves.
  •   Maximize your experience but minimize your footprints in order to preserve the beauty and tranquility of the area.

What to bring:

  • Weather is unpredictable up there, make sure you have at least an umbrella or a raincoat but if your idea of adventure is to get soaked; be my guest.
  •   Dress lightly during summer; wear your most comfortable rubber shoes.
  •   During rainy seasons; make sure you wear a sweater or jacket.
  • Should you wish to stay for a night, there are a few transient houses in the area for a minimal fee, just bring an extra blanket or pillow and you will be fine.
  •   There aren’t any restaurants and the stores offer limited items, bring your own food, drinks and of course, utensils.

So, on your next trip to Baguio, why not venture further up and see Mount Cabuyao.  !


38 thoughts on “Mt. Cabuyao, a destination closest to the heavens !

  1. I want to go there too sir! There are lots to see there pala. I can see you had a great time with ma’am Shiela, your mom and the rest of the faculty.:) I really want to go there with Cyreil para magburn naman sya ng calories sir.:))

  2. Is it me or do I see our campus from that altitude?

    Those views are really stunning. It showcases Baguio from a whole new perspective than the ones we usually think about. 🙂

  3. I’ve been here too, sir! 😀 That was December 26, 2010. Me and my closest friends walked the path for 2 hours and it was worth it when we saw the ‘mickey mouse ears’ and the view below, well actually it was quite cloudy po. hehe! weeeeeee! (hehehe! naks, ‘di po talaga ako busy while i’m typing this one :))

  4. I really did wish we could’ve explore more of Baguio. I caught another blog and pick something else that we didn’t get to see. And now this! If only I saw these blog posts when we were there.

  5. Dear Lee, My family and I are really contemplating on returning back to Baquio, the last time we were in Benguet with my best friend who at the same time was my former boss at the Peninsula Hotel, she happens to have a big house there. We were there for three days didn’t know this place Mt. Cabuyao. I would like to see this place and feel the breeze, the coldness and the cloud up there. How wonderful reading and seeing your blogs regularly, it helps a lot. You, somehow encourages us to go out and explore even here only in our Country the Philippines. Thanks Lee.

    • I’m glad and that’s exactly the reason why I write these blogs; to encourage people to travel most especially to visit places in our country. Let me know when you can come back to Baguio and I will bring you to Mt. Cabuyao :-))

  6. Hi there, I notice that the date of this post is just very recent. Was your visit just this month too? I’m thinking of going there this weekend but I’m worried that it might rain hard. Just wondering how the weather is up there this month. Thanks!

    • Hello there. Weather is a bit erratic these days. I went up there twice recently; two weeks in a row. The first time, we were lucky because the sun was shining but a few minutes later it rained. The second time I went up with my family, the road was closed due to land slides. We tried the next day and we were able to get through… it was raining and very foggy. Nevertheless, it was an adventure.

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  8. nag hiking na den kami jan sir ng mga friends ko.. nakakapagod pero napakaganda pag nakarating ka na dun sa taas.. worth it and pagod may bonus pang napakagandang view and fresh air.. 🙂

  9. I’ve been there sir with my family and it was a great place to contemplate especially when HOLY WEEK is fast-approaching.. It was an adventure for us because we hiked until we reached the top, good thing the road is not to rocky.. Great blog sir! By the way sir, you have three stunningly beautiful friends. 🙂

  10. Mt. Cabuyao, is really a destination near Baguio City. I hope this place will be sustained for the future generations to still enjoy the place. 🙂

  11. happy to read this blog and very grateful because i’ve been to mt. cabuyao with my friends during our 2nd year summer 2010. up on the mountain is a great view of baguio, loakan airport, and of course our campus in maryheights. it’s an unforgettable experience because aside from it’s our first time to go hiking, we reached that mountain through walking – i think we walked for about 2 and a half hours – because we’re not aware that jeepney rides up to the mountain is very limited. i think only 2 jeepneys are available to go up, and 2 for going down. or maybe it’s different depending on the number of tourists who wanted to go there also. while climbing on that very high mountain, we felt like giving up because we are very tired and the road is under construction. we didn’t expect it to be as high as it is. but while approaching the top – up to the radar – all our sweat was just worth it. and now, we count it as one of our great journey and unforgettable experience. :)) si heureux!!!

  12. i miss the view while Im on top of this “mickey mouse ear mountain” what makes me say WOW is when i saw the view of the Lingayen Gulf and the South China Sea..and to feel the cool breeze too . 🙂

  13. this is really a wonderful place sir.. i’ve been there last year with my cousin, sister brother, and friends…. it maybe tiring going up or hiking to that mountain..but once you get to the top… you would see that it is not a waste of time to be hiking in that mountain… its because you get the chance to really appreciate the beauty of Baguio City 🙂

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