When Boredom Strikes One Fine Day

It is the third and last day of a long weekend and as the entire nation took a break to commemorate the Philippines’ 114th Independence Day, I got bored.  Its been a gloomy rainy day since I woke up, but I find it pretty amusing!  I have practically read every blog that interests me, ate some of my favorite dishes courtesy of our beloved -house chef, Manang Nida, and prepared lessons for my French class good for the rest of the week.

View from my window, fog and gloom, its been raining the whole day and about 12 degrees inside the house.

What a fine day for photography, I thought!

So, I head out to the garden and started taking photos of the smallest things I can find.

The front porch of my house is teeming with a variety of my favorite ornamental plants and flowers.

I looked around and saw my newly acquired plant that I have not determined the name yet. The leaves look like those of an Acacia Tree.

This plant was given to me by one of my friend’s mom and I adore it.

Right in the corner is my Christmas Plant (photo below)

This plant has leaves like those of Poinsettias and the tiny fruits are bloody red.

I zoomed my camera lens further out in the front yard and saw the purple “mille flores” or million flowers.

This beauty requires ample water, it must be rejoicing now as it has been raining the whole day!

Though giant ferns aren’t small, I took a photo of it just the same 🙂

Though called ‘giant’, these ferns are still dwarfed by the pine trees surrounding our house.

The rain stopped a little bit and my pet birds called finches chirps. They are small seed-eating songbirds, they’re on that blue cage in the photo below.

The blue cage is the house of our small finches.

This finch was a show-off to the camera today.

Thumb-sized finch knows its angle.

Family of Finches, they’re shy to show-off, head shots will do.

The Finches Family must be cold

Hairy Cactus trying not to get wet

Mini-white cactus

Cadena De Amor in bloom despite the end of the summer season.

White Cadena De Amor

The tiny Medenilla’s are about to bloom.

Medenilla’s hanging on, hope they don’t get drenched much.

Money plant flowers before they turn to tiny red fruits.

The money plant fruits are red. Hopefully this miniscule flowers turns into those red fruits.

Kutsarita or ‘teaspoon’ flower.  They are even smaller than teaspoons though.

This ‘kutsarita‘ is in bloom rain or shine. They grow as wild flowers and come in various colors.

White Verbena

Tiny white verbena flowers come in three different colors in my backyard; they are red and violet, too.

Yellow Margarette

Tiny yellow Margarette

Next photo shows a wild flower that grows in different colors and hues.  It smells really good especially at night and the leaves are succulent. I just don’t know what it is called.

This sweet -smelling wild flower grows all over the front and backyard.

Violet Beauty (not its real name, I just call it such)

This one is just gorgeous, they bloom when you least expect it. I was surprised it bloomed despite heavy rains these past few days.

Even the tomatoes are tiny here.

Ornamental cherry-tomatoes

Well, these one is not small, but they are worth a ‘shot’.  Its blooming days are soon over 😦

Cymbidium’s in bloom.


This is the view from my garden, huge pine trees like this surround our house.

Now, I’m no longer bored and dinner is served.  I had a great time sharing you these photos, I hope you liked them.


47 thoughts on “When Boredom Strikes One Fine Day

  1. Hi sir! Just finished my interview a while ago. I was shocked kanina po kasi sa Hotel Elizabeth po iyon and then the H.R manager Mr. Edgar Pinlac knows you. hehe. Kinukumusta ka po niya 😀 just saying sir na ok na po and we will be starting our work on thursday 😀 Also, sir, you have a nice garden 😀 beautiful. May nakalimutan pa ako sir, ang galing galing mo daw po sabe ni sir Ed and totoo nga po na magaling po talaga kayo 😀

  2. cmon sir! your garden’s so cool. i remember my grandma’s garden @ pangasinan, hers looks like yours:3

  3. Miss your house Sir Faj! Thanks for the wonderful Christmas party years ago! How are your hundred and so love birds?

    • The remaining 20 couples are fine. They have been our favorite Christmas presents to our family and closest friends, kaya kumaunti na lang. I miss someone like you in my classes Jian Chan. Make your presence felt ‘physically’ one of these days :-))

  4. Hey Lee, Great shots you got there! Ganda. Btw, your garden is so nice. I missed going out of the house seeing plants and flowers. Now my place is so small the only plant I see everyday is a small cactus in my shower. 😦
    Indeed we don’t realize it but we tend to appreciate more things when we are bored. Cheers!

  5. Lee Majors with the famous name and the beautiful smile. Do you know what you bring others in your boredom? JOY!

    I have a plant you would love. It is originally from Ireland and got smuggled into Canada. Irish Clover. I do not want to leave it even to go on vacation. What if it dies? I have made several babies and spread them amongst my friends to ensure its longevity however they have not been able to keep them thus far.

    Not sure why I need to share this info but I am sure that your post may have had something to do with it 😀

    ciao for now Les

    • Thanks for this message (that I had to retrieve from spam), you made my day even brighter!
      I love all sorts of plants and I’d be delighted to have some of those. Speaking of smuggled, I brought with me 10 tulip bulbs from the Netherlands, hoping I could grow some here; unfortunately, they don’t thrive. I’m not sure if the Irish Clover would survive here, and if it doesn’t I’ll just be devastated! I’m glad you shared those info with me. I really am !

  6. Siiiirrr!!!i totally love your garden!!!there are many flowers to see there.:)by the way, the wild flower that grows in the your front and backyard are locally called lantana.:)I used to make bracelets out of them.:)I love your finches too!!:))I would like to visit your home and meet Manang Nida because I’m dying to taste her dishes.:)I’ll help you with the checking of ForLang papers sir.:))

  7. Salut Monsieur Faj!!! swabeng swabe po ung garden nyo….pwede po ba bumisita sir???at mkahingi ng white cactus….hehe…..idol ko na po kau photography…sana ganyan n din me kagaling…hehe…GOD BLESS SIR…..:)

  8. walang akong mkitang pictures na kinunan mo sir ang hindi binusog ang mata ko.. kahit simple napapaganda mo ng bonggang bongga sir., prang professional photographer ka na tlga sir 🙂

  9. it was a privilege to have entered your ‘homy’ home sir…
    it was last year sir..prep for a competition po.
    the lovebirds and the great food from your house ‘chef’ as I may address her : ) …were the ones I was wowed the most…

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