The Stunning Landscapes of Batanes

Every so often, people ask me of the most beautiful place that I have ever been in the Philippines and I always respond without batting an eyelash, BATANES !

A trip to Batanes was yet another dream come true.  It was a dream because of all the 7, 107 islands in the Philippines, Batanes is perhaps the farthest yet most amazing destination.

This is the view from my guest room window; to wake up in a stunning view like this is something to look forward to everyday.

The shorelines of Batanes is one of the country’s most versatile. It showcases a splendid line up of smooth, rough, rugged and very rocky beach fronts.

Batanes is the northernmost part of the Philippines, it is also the smallest both in population and in land area.

The rolling hills provide a splendid view of the sea, the coast and the lighthouse.

On a clear day, a tour around the island can take about a day, but with a place like this, you would wish that the day never ends.

One of the unique features of the islands are its rolling hills. This stunning view can be seen from the Philippine weather station. The tall grasses you can see are used as land partitions by farm owners.

The best way to see the islands is to dilly dally, enjoy and savor each passing moment, simply speaking just let the day pass and do not rush.

Mt. Iraya, a dormant volcano is a majestic feature in the landscapes of Batanes. Standing in this place is a fierce battle against the strong winds coming from all directions.

Batanes is a gateway to typhoons that visit the archipelago without fail every year.

This tree can be found on top of what the locals call as the “Marlboro Country” has undeniably succumb but survived strong winds and visiting typhoons.  It is also a perfect shade from the heat of the sun.

The rolling hills of Batanes offers a majestic vista of the island, the nearby Mt. Iraya and the oceans.

Batanes is also home to many lighthouses that played a vital role to early and modern sea navigation in this part of the country.


The rolling hills of Batanes is a graze land to many of the farmer’s cattle.

At one side while on top of the rolling hills you will see rugged shorelines, this one on the other hand is a picturesque view of a smooth beach front.

Rocky Beach

Rough beach facing the South China Sea

Boulder beach

Rough-edges beach

Batanes is not only a gateway for typhoons, it has also been shaken by strong earthquakes. This beach front where this typical Ivatan stone house once stood have been inundated and ruined by a massive tsunami.

Beach front with ‘touches’ of man

The weather is quite unpredictable here in Batanes; but whether its bright or dark just like this one, it is still a marvelous sight.

Blue Lagoon

A ‘casa’ perched on top of the hill made out of Ivatan stones is also a hotel.

After a whole day of sight-seeing and marveling at the beautiful landscapes of Batanes, I wished it never ended. But like how they say it, all good things must come to an end.

Consider Batanes as your next possible destination, and believe me its all going to be worth it!

The best time to visit Batanes is during the Philippine summer months (March to May). You may enjoy a winter climate from December to February while it is safe to travel and the skies are mostly clear from March to April.  Plan your next trip to Batanes and see the ultimate marvels of nature in this tiny island North of the Philippines.  I know I did !


59 thoughts on “The Stunning Landscapes of Batanes

  1. the heck sir.what a beautiful shots:)
    you’re not a pro photographer but the pictures are SO GREAT :))
    one of the hidden treasure of Philippines still , J’adore Batanes et magnifique..

  2. Hi Lee, once again, as your friends and student said, it has been a pleasure reading your blogs. Whenever I open my FB,I always see to it that I checked your account to see whether you have new and interesting write up about your adventure. How amazing that you really are taking those picture like a real professional photographer. With all the captions in there. Ewan ko na lang kong hindi sila ma convince. I really love it, adore you doing it for us who cannot and do not have time to go to places like that.. Its one way also of seeing places through your very informative pictures and write up. You should be applying as an editor in one of the famous newspaper like Inquirer. How proud I am really of you. Lee , kudos to you and the many adventures you do every now and then cannot wait to read another article from you….. Mommy Rose

    • sir if ever po na pnta po kau ulit….invite nyo po kami ah…pag ipunan k yan….in GOD’s Will n graduate n kmi at may trabaho n kmi that time…hope n mapuntahan ko rin mga npuntahan u sir….ingat po…see u tom sir..

  3. Nice shots sir 🙂 i wasn’t aware that batanes was that beautiful till i finished reading your blog…. keep it up sir! continue inspiring other people through your travels.. 🙂

  4. As Filipino’s always say…. “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES” 😀 inggit nanaman ang naramdaman ko while im reading this sir.. pro may panlaban pa rin naman aq dyan sir.. of course none other than my beautiful province “AURORA” hehe 🙂

    • well, wait till I post my blog about your beautiful province Aurora !!! Indeed, your province is another must see destination here in the Philippines. Its one of my favorites and I even often call it Luzon’s last frontier !

  5. I hope i can visit and see the stunning beauty of nature of batanes someday sir faj.. Lovely place.. Proud to be a FILIPINO ^_^

  6. Batanes is really a great place to visit! You will surely love this place. It is the best place for nature lover and people who love tranquility and serenity. I know what makes it unique sir!! Their Unique architecture of Ivatan houses made of thick lime and stone walls; their boats, their language, their crafts, and their wines; their historic churches and most especially the Batanes’ Honesty Coffee Shop. Because believe it or not, there is no one minding the store. Instead, a clear plastic jar is left on the counter for customers to pay for their snacks and get their own change.. Fantastic!

  7. Be entised with Philippines’ suprise! Indeed! BATANES is the place to be 🙂 just like any other places from the foreign lands, we have our own land which far more beautiful than those from the foreign land 🙂 proud to be pinoy! 😀

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