A Knockout Lunch at Mario’s

Traveling for me is a continuous search for beauty, for something unfamiliar and unique; and it goes without saying that it also includes a search for the delicious.  Until one eventful Sunday (it was the Pacquiao-Bradley fight day), I craved for something really good while waiting for the match to start.  And,  I have realized that I really do not need to travel far and wide to experience an array of something delicious, and in this case, it was more than that, it was also satisfying and unforgettable.

I head downtown which was about 5 minutes drive from my home (well, my city is a relatively small town where everything is reachable within 5-10 minutes) and found myself in what seem like a typical house that offers international dishes ! Little did I know that I will be able to treat myself to a ‘trip’ around the world “taste-buds-wise” amidst the craze of what became the most controversial boxing fight, ever !

Round 1: This irresistible platter of baked oysters, clams and mussels are to die for , add those tasty quesadillas and have a truly whimsical appetite after and dig in the marvelous buffet.

Mario’s Restaurant is perhaps one of the Philippine’s most sought after food establishment that offers sumptuous cuisine that is succulent and mouth-watering. I have been a great fan of this restaurant since time immemorial though Mario’s love affair with its discriminating customers stretches back 25 years.  I thought I just have to write about this experience as my way of appreciation.

Wait, how many rounds will this be? What’s on the menu? Let me count them… a lot !

I am a lover of everything delicious and I make sure that I try every food establishment that people talk about.  Sadly, there are many food establishments that would start great and eventually lose their food’s quality and standards.  Mario’s brand never weary and their food have been perpetually astounding.  Mario’s Buffet Lunch showcases the best of what dining is all about !

The “Pacman” may have not knocked-out Bradley that day, I know Mario’s knocked me out, fair and square ! Take a look at what I get to taste that day…

These mouth-watering oysters yell, “take me, take me”

Round #2: A Filipino feast is practically incomplete without the staple “roasted pig”. This “Lechon de Leche” or “Cochinillo” is crisp and succulent.

Round #3: I only knew one paella until I saw Mario’s Paella Negra with Aoili. It’s truly sumptuous more so gorgeous on the plate !

Round #4: My plate of Spicy Fettuccine with Tomatoes and Aubergine & Fish Fillet with Cilantro and Coconut in a Fusion of Asian Flavors simply just compliment each other. The “Asia meets Europe” flair of these two cuisine will linger in your taste buds.

Round #5: My plate of Paella Negra with Aoli, Spaghetti, Chicken with Piri-Piri, Dill Potato Croquet , Watercress and Mongo Sprout Salad and Fish Fillet. Who cares about presentation, dig in !

Round #6: Obviously I loved the fish fillet. This plate included the Roasted Beef, Lamb Moussaka, Ham Spaghetti in White Sauce and Spinach. Oh, and another serving of Paella !

Round #7: After all the delicious dishes, what better way to dig in at Mario’s array of sweets. The chocolate fountain did it all for me !

Make your visit to Baguio City worthwhile by visiting Mario’s Restaurant at the Upper Session Road.  Experience a highly personalized service and sumptuous cuisine from the people who knows it best.  No split-decisions here, no doubt.

Say hello to their energetic and absolutely friendly Resident Manager, Maridol Vasquez Duran who will make sure you get your money’s worth.  And do not forget to flash your sweetest smile to their Executive Chef Jun De Vera.

It was one truly knock-out day at Mario’s and the only appealing I would do is a rematch !

Mario’s Upcoming Promos for your perusal

  • Power Lunch for only Php250 ($US5).  Can you believe it? Ask for the power lunch which include soup or salad, main course and dessert.  This will be available from July 1- September 30.
  •  Early Bird Promo for those who gets there early.  Have an early dinner at Mario’s and get 20% off on their à la carte menu.  As soon as you get tired from visiting the tourist spots in my time, head towards Mario’s from 5 to 7 PM.
  • I remember one of my best friends who had her wedding reception here.  It was intimate and the food extravagant.  Why not have your moments too at Mario’s at their Function Room, ask about their 25-person function rooms and turn your intimate occasions into memorable ones.

49 thoughts on “A Knockout Lunch at Mario’s

  1. wow sir! really? for only 250?!? this truly interests me. i have heard of mario’s before but i have never thought of trying it. maybe i will now. i would also probably bring my loved one there. now this is included in to do list hehe

  2. my mom really want to go to mario’s but we never got the chance to visit this wonderful restaurant… thank you for your blog! i can show this to my mom so that she can see what she’s missing while staying here in baguio! 🙂

  3. I grew up in baguio but never have I ever tried dining at MARIOS.. I heard a lot of people saying that MARIOS offer the best food and various cuisine.. Now I know what I have been missing.. Haha. I will definitely bring my friends to Marios.. Thank you sir!!

  4. its good that we have foods to offer like these sir because some tourists would look forward in tasting such foods like these…and i do also want to eat those foods…hehe

  5. I wanna go there soon! 🙂 I bet the money you’ll pay is worth it because kyle even told a story when he and his family ate there. he told me that you’ll come in thin and as you go out of the establishment you can’t even lock your pants anymore.:))

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