Serendipity in Remscheid

Who goes to Remscheid ? That was what my friend, Efren and  I kept on asking ourselves while getting lost in the middle of nowhere in a foreign land, half past midnight on a freezing temperature and lost in translation in our recent trip to Germany. Amidst this, of course, we are having the time of our lives.  This is one of the most memorable part of my trip in Europe.

Our destination  was to Cologne to see the world-famous Hohe Domkirche St. Peter und Maria Cathedral, but the hotels in the area are almost booked and the cheapest hotel offer was €200.  We are on a tight budget and to see as many places as possible, we have to thrift a little. After all, a bed and bath is all we need and we are fine.

We walked more than a kilometer on our backpacks after embarking on what seem like an endless array of several train transfers, trying to catch one after the other,  all of it we almost missed, just to find the hotel we booked that offers the most affordable overnight accommodation, €116 for a night for 2 persons.  But this experience was priceless.  For whatever its worth, I wish to thank the kind locals who helped us, some of them go out of their way to help us understand names and terms to find our way.

Note to travelers to Europe, train schedules are strictly followed, punctuality is at its highest level.  A toilet break or a coin stuck in a vendo machine could mean a lot 🙂

Snapshot of the valley below “Müngstener” Bridge while on board a speed train. The bridge we were on is the highest railroad bridge in Germany.

The quaint and quiet municipality of Remscheid in North-Rhine Westphalia Germany is not a typical tourist destination, it is a suburban, residential and industrial town founded in the 12th Century.  It is about 70 kilometers from the Cathedral of Cologne.

We had to find our way through this map. Can you help me?

We got the train all for ourselves.

Can’t help but get transfixed with the beauty of the German countryside

At the Solingen Train Station, Cologne-bound.

The day after, we were here at the Solingen Train Station bound for Cologne.  The Cologne Cathedral was breath-taking but our experience in Remscheid the night before took our breath away 🙂 Truly, a serendipity.

Now, who goes to Remscheid?


32 thoughts on “Serendipity in Remscheid

  1. that was nice especially if only few people know the place!! and you have the change to see its beauty..
    Sometimes getting lost is a nice experience!!

  2. I really enjoy viewing your post sir, especially those about different places.. It is one of my dream also to explore those places someday..Your photos really inspire me of course as well as you sir..

  3. I really enjoy viewing your post sir,. I wanna explore those different palces also.. You really inspire me sir as well as your photos which is greatly captured..

  4. It’s so great sir, Very wonderful Indeed, I truly appreciate the beautiful scenery and it’s so touching, it’s just like I’m there also.. I’m feeling a unique and great experience there sir. So nice and marvelous sir. You’re so blessed. Always be happy sir and be safe.

  5. i wonder how it feels to ride on a train like that..(nakasakay n q s MRT pro iba pa rin yan dba sir hehe).. when i finished my studies, sasakay dn aq dyan :)) ang babaw ng kaligayan nuh sir.. but its just of my dreams that i need to achieved yyeebah :))

  6. Getting lost is one way to know more about the place. But its a good thing that you found your way back Sir. Unforgettable experience indeed! 🙂

  7. 🙂 that was a great experience sir. . When it comes to travel, you are the one who inspire us. My passion is also travelling and I want to explore more. . your right that experience cannot buy with money but it can reminds us of what we see for that place. . 🙂

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