A Fun Day at an Aussie Zoo

There are certain things I find exciting and every so often it even brings out the child in me. I feel like I was 7 again on my last visit to the zoo.  Yes, the zoo !  It brought back great memories of my childhood.  I remember how mama would bring us four siblings to the zoo in Manila or at the wildlife park in Quezon City to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Day, our birthdays, Labor Day, Independence Day, Halloween and practically all the other occasions that needs celebrating.  Ah, memories.

Animals, great and small, domesticated or wild, pets, birds and even fishes, well, some insects, too.  I simply find them, delightful.  I was literally leaping with joy as I went down the bus when we visited a wildlife park in Australia.  I was looking forward to this because zoos in the Philippines have no Kangaroos or Koala Bears but they are endemic in Australia.  It was one of the highlights of my visit to this ginormous land down under.

Say hello to this awesome cuteness called Koala Bear.

There were no joeys around but I never thought Kangaroos so tame and cuddly.

This guy was a show off.

And this one just won’t leave me alone.

Crocodile feeding at the zoo. This scene reminds me so much of Steve Irwin, one of my favorite Aussie adventurers of all time.

It took me sometime to take a photo of this Tasmanian Devil, it just keeps on moving around and wiggling.
Say hi to this wombat !
Cute little tropical penguins.
Sleeping time for this nocturnal creatures.
I was not sure if this owl was asleep or not, it just would not move or blink at all.
Some colorful bird out in the open.

Check out some of the reptiles found in the Aussie wilderness.

Hello snake, this guy was a show-off, too.

Ok, another shot of this tropical penguins that are just too cute !

And there you have it, my day at the zoo.


52 thoughts on “A Fun Day at an Aussie Zoo

  1. first time to learn that there are tropical penguins… ^^ love the koala bear the most ^^TY Sir for the share ^^

  2. love the tasmanian devil and wombat.. i didnt knew that there are tropical penguins, and the tasmanian devils in real life… haha i thought it’s just a cartoon character 🙂 to tell the truth sir, ive never been into a zoo.. (ignorante kumbaga haha) i swear, makakapunta dn aq sa zoo 😀 super duper love the pictures sir.. 😉

  3. so cutie 🙂 those pictures of koala bear reminds me one of my classmates(she’s so obsessed and she’s even called “koala” by her bf 🙂
    -you’re so blessed and lucky to have that opportunity seeing those great animals which are not commonly seen here in the Philippines
    -hope to be there someday

  4. i love to see those animals….because they can not be seen in our country but of course we have something to showcase also with other countries,…nice photos sir…

  5. Koala! so cute..There are many who would envy a koala’s life: sleeping (or resting) for up to 20 hours a day & den spending their remaining, waking hours eating. Sounds pretty good. ^_^

  6. Though it is prohibited to own a koala as a pet, simply can’t suppress the strong urge to cuddle one. They’re so awesomely cute..! ^_^

  7. Koala bear so cute! There are many who would envy a koala’s life: sleeping or resting for up to 20 hours a day and den spending their remaining waking hours eating. Sounds pretty good! ^^

  8. i want to go there and see those kind of animals that are not found here.. and have the chance to take photos of them!

  9. I’d love to see a KOALA.. Did you know Each koala eats approximately 200 to 500 grams of leaves per day. Not only that, Koalas sleep for up to 16 hours per day in order to conserve energy. And they seldom drink water obtaining it from the eucalyptus leaves, which are 50% consisting of water. Truly amazing!

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