Korean Food: Authenticity amidst all the Fancy

It was another lazy Sunday and quite fed-up (not that I am complaining) of the usual home-cooked meals by our beloved in-house chef, Manang Nida, I head out craving for something authentic, different and unique.  After all, a good Sunday restaurant meal could be a reward at the end of a busy work-week. Well, not that I was really busy but I just want to try something new.

Who would have thought that amidst all the fancy restaurant and sprawling fast-food  joints in Baguio City is something new, literally!  I never saw this restaurant before. And voilà, it is affordable too, though I said I wanted to eat out but I did not mean I would spend a lot.  The genial and awesome reception by Ms. Nikki Lee and her staff made me stay and try it out.  I have a great weakness for sincere hospitality and there is no way I could turn down a charming smile and walk away.  Their hospitality just made me sat down and ask for the specialty of the house, and as of this writing, I have no regrets.

Today, I say hello or should it be annyeonghaseyo to Gobi Nara !  It is a Korean term that literally translates to ‘meat country’.

While waiting for the staff to scramble all the mise-en-place of the dish I ordered, I gazed around the artistic wall decor of Korean caricatures.  The restaurant was clean, nothing grandiose, very inviting and what I like most, its well-lit.  It’s obvious that this place had nothing to hide, but a lot to show-off.  Here, I enjoyed freshly cooked, hot off-the-grill and authentic Korean cuisine.

Lovely Korean art decor inside the restaurant.

This one on the opposite wall represent the love affair of the amiable Nikki Lee with her Korean hubby who is in charged of the kitchen.

Seafood and Pork Grill Korean Style

Enjoy the traditional spicy Korean soup or the mouth-watering array of appetizers while waiting for this to cook.

Fresh squid and shrimps dipped in a mix of typical Korean sauce and spices are satisfying.

This has been the best brown rice I have ever tasted.

If you are like me who once in a while crave for something new, different and of course not at all pricey try this place out.  Gogi Nara is at the Lower Ground of SM City Baguio’s mountain view.  Dine  in or outside and enjoy the cool mountain breeze while enjoying Korean staples such as Fried Kimchi, Pork Bulgogi, Chili Squid, Rice Cake Ramyeon or choose from one of their special hot ramens.  Oh, and they have Do Si Lak served in Bentos, too.

Savor the delicious Gogi Nara at SM City Baguio and enjoy the vibrant service from Ms. Nikki Lee (photo) and her efficient staff.

And one more thing, this place is a wi-fi zone !


57 thoughts on “Korean Food: Authenticity amidst all the Fancy

  1. Mouth Watering Treats! Yum! From Kimbob I Love the Bibimbob! Hehe! Maybe I’ll try Gori Na Ra Next Week! Great you added this to your blog sir, or else i would have not known that there is a new Korean Place at SM,. :))

  2. I also went to wood nymph just this last weekend and it was a good experience. Now this coming weekend I’ll suggest to my mom to try this new Korean restaurant… I would love to try that pork and squid YUM! 😀

  3. The first image is beautiful and brilliant sir a lady that is happy and pretty. I haven’t eaten there sir. but, i think, the food is delicious and mouth watering i guess sir, i want to go there sir., thank you very much for sharing to us sir. So nice and brilliant sir.. Wonderful.

  4. Woah! Wanna try this Korean restaurant since I’m a bit fond of their cuisines. .Foods seems great and delicious based on these photos. Great post sir! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. wwwoooowww…. this is what haije is telling me the other day.. im not that fan lover of kpop,, but korean foods.. i swear, i love them so much.. the shrimps looks good.. i wanna try all of the foods they are offering (haha takaw) of course with my friends :)) you already sir faj :p (ikaw na sir hihi)

  6. wow sir!thank u sir for sharing your experiences with us..i feel that i am part of your adventures…hope to see more(kahit s tingin lang ayos n..heheheh)

  7. ..Merveilleux Sir ! It looks like another great place for Korean foods, I started adoring Korean Foods because of the booming KPOP and Kdrama infuence in our country nowadays 🙂 Thanks for featuring Gogi Nara Sir, surely it is a place worth trying for especially during weekends…(.^,^)

  8. im not fun eating spices food but im started to love korean cuisines.. yummy! more more to come korean restaurants here in baguio.. 🙂

  9. Korean foods, my dad and mom’s favorite. 🙂 I hope i could try it too very soon. I really want to. Actually, Korea is one of the place i really want to visit soon sir, aside from those beautiful and peaceful sceneries, its cleanliness, the people who are so amazing and lovely, I also want to try those scrumptious spicy foods, as my dad and mom told us. I promise to myself that i should there after my graduation sir. I hope i could pursue it. You really inspired me so much sir. I really idolized you a lot sir because of your achievements and success in life. :))

  10. sir, are the couple-owners both korean? ..just wanted to ask because of the wall decor representing their love affair which showcases them both in “korean attires”…?just curious sir..:)
    …great pics though, sir…

  11. Thanks, Professor!!! God Bless You! I’d like to invite you Again for dinner or lunch. . . We got better 🙂 hehehe I hope you be the judge of that. Anytime youre free, We added some new menus & were not done yet. Hmmm, how can I get in touch with you? & I’d like to do something & give something special to your followers & students also.

    • Hi Nikki ! I’m sorry for the super late reply. I was in hiatus from blogging for like more than 2 months. Of course, please do get in touch. Leave a message on my Facebook if you have one. Or I’d probably just drop by your store one of these days 🙂

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