Eiffel Tower: The Height of Enchantment

Enchante ! This is how the French would say how nice it was to meet you.  But when the time came to meet the world-famous Eiffel Tower (la Tour Eiffel) on my recent visit to Paris,  I was practically speechless, teary-eyed even and totally enchanted.

If there was ever a moment in my travels so poignant and exhilarating, it would have been the time when I first had a  glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.  Our visit to this French landmark came about on my second day in Paris.  When I arrived the day before, I was already enthralled with  the marvelous city that is Paris, I forgot about the next day’s itinerary which include the musee du louvre and the Eiffel Tower.  I never knew that I was in for a wonderful surprise !

I was under the spell of the Eiffel Tower for I don’t know how long.  I was just fixated.  I marveled and gazed at this amazing structure so high that we had to wait for quite sometime for the fog to show its captivating beauty.

Never have I felt a feeling so strange, it was wonderful.  I hope my photos give justice to the beauty of Eiffel Tower.  It really just took my breath away.  J’aime la Tour Eiffel.

My first glimpse of the Eiffel Tower half covered with fog. Even nature played along in giving me a ‘suspenseful’ vantage point of the tower.

This moment was so special.  I was in awe.  After traveling half-way around the world.  I was only a few meters away from another dream  to come true. Thanks to Gustave Eiffel for designing this world-class masterpiece. It is a gift to humanity and the pride of France.

At the foot of the Eiffel.  The first level is 57 meters high and can be reached by taking the elevator or walk up 345 steps.

The 2nd level is at 115 meters or 376 feet. It is (only) 359 steps above the first level or a few minutes via the elevator.

View from the Trocadero.  I patiently waited for the fog to reveal the Eiffel in all its glory.

Finally, after quite sometime, the Eiffel Tower revealed itself.  This tower was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889, and to commemorate the centennial of the Revolution

At the height of 320 meters or 1,051 feet, the tower stood as the world’s tallest building until 1931 when New York’s Empire State was built.

The tower was sternly decried by 19th-century aesthetes. Who knew that this would have become one of the world’s most popular landmarks. This was  from the river Seine.

The 3rd level of the tower is 899 feet above the ground. That is where that beam of light is coming from. It can hold 800 people at a time.

The Eiffel Tower can be seen from every direction when at the heart of the world’s most romantic city.

The Eiffel Tower is adored by millions from all over the world and makes a wonderful backdrop for group photos like this together with my friends.

It is gold, it is rich, it is the one and only la Tour Eiffel

Eiffel Tower is truly enchanting.


90 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower: The Height of Enchantment

  1. The Eiffel tower is indeed the iconic landmark of Paris. Iconic yet Ironic since it is merely a stack of metals galvanized, with some added glittering lights to adorn it at night, unlike the majority of Parisian structures which were really intricate and meticulously carved… hmmm makes me really think… ? Is it possible that people people just got used to the “renaissance-like” features of Paris that the tower is a breather from all the grandeur around? Or should I probably consider holding my wedding on top of a an empty billboard in Edsa just to give it an Eiffel tower feel? hahaha

  2. wow Paris. Its a must see attraction.. i cant imagine how tall the tower was because even the clouds covered it. I can see the real beauty of the tower through your smiles sir. 🙂 . So incredible monsieur.

  3. PARIS??? the world capital of shopping and fashion. but one thing is for sure, your trip on Paris is incomplete without seeing one of the best attraction which is the Eiffel tower the tallest monument in the world. Brilliant! Technically impressive. It was really an iconic landmark. sir, YOU READY!!! 😀

  4. PARIS! my dream place to live in! :)) fantastic shots of the Eiffel tower sir…thank you by the way for the mini Eiffel tower key chain that you gave me:)) i would treasure that “pasalubong” sir:)

  5. wow ! i love those pictures sir that was great.. and i love also to go in PARIS..may be someday i can visit the Eiffel tower also..

  6. Eiffel tower looks like the tokyo tower in Japan,. When we had a vacation in Japan with my parents, we went to Tokyo tower. It was so beautiful, and I think that the Eiffel is also amazing.. Je veux aussi y aller trop… 🙂

  7. Eiffel Tower a real jaw-dropper!!! 🙂 but just come to think of this sir, this Tower is a stunning construction but compared to the monte blanc mountain–the highest mountain in the Italy–is much stunning than this 🙂 and comparing all the tallest constructions and mountains in the world,, nothing will ever beat the Marianas Trench 🙂
    but of course, the aesthetic design of this Tower is an inspiration to all who sees this. thumbs up to Eiffel Tower!!!! 🙂

  8. It’s an awesome tower “la Tour Eiffel” it’s to bad that neither me or people that is afraid of heights, may want to challenge them self to try and be above the ground for approximately 1,051 feet it might be fun, and with your picture and experience sir this gave us more info about the famous land mark of Paris, hope someday I will challenge my self to visit this amazing tower.

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