Château de Versailles, il est magnifique!

Château de Versailles est magnifique !

Perhaps, even the adjective ‘magnificent’ is an understatement to describe the bravura that is the Chateau de Versailles.  Let me show you the interiors of the Chateau.  It was my first to see a palace, learned exactly what it is about and never realized its grandeur until that day.  Believe me, it was nothing I have ever imagined.  I was completely blown away.

Under Louis XIV, Versailles became the center of power in France.

All the Glory to France

This beautiful interior is decorated with Corinthian columns and white marble, gilding and Baroque Murals. This is the first of the many fascinating features one will find inside the Chateau.

The hallway leading to the main chambers are adorned on each side with the busts of France’s royalties.

This room is adorned with huge paintings of Napoleon.

The Hall of Mirrors were great state occasions were held.

This room stretches 70 meters along the west façade of the château. In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was ratified ending the World War I. It was overwhelming to be in the same place where great piece of history took place.

This huge mural that stretches from the floor to the ceiling and covers the entire wall depicts Mary Antoinette’s coronation.

This is one of the salons inside the château adorned with amazing marbles, stones and wood carvings.

Each of the state rooms inside the château is dedicated to an Olympian deity. This is yet another statue of intricate details.

This is just one of the many statues with intricate designs inside the château.

From the floor, to the walls and up to the high ceilings, it’s simply breath-taking.

The foyer leading to the chambers on the second floor is indescribable.

King Louis XIV’s dining table.

The view from the salon of Queen Mary Antoinette is the vast garden of Chateau de Versailles.

The vast garden of the Chateau is featured on my next blog.  A separate blog will be dedicated for that wonderful work of art.


70 thoughts on “Château de Versailles, il est magnifique!

  1. No words can explain how beautiful it is. The Palace of Versailles features how colorful the history is in every country. It represents the struggle on how they preserve the place and keep it up to the present..really Stunning..

    Vraiment magnifique..:))

  2. sir im begging you!!! take me with you on your next visit to Château de Versailles…hahaha! Jaw dropping seeing all the beautiful sculptures and arts…cant wait to visit France soon… 🙂

  3. It was a glimpse to the baroque period. It’s just wonderful that even for a longevity of time, the masterpieces of art are still preserved. I hope I will be one of its tourist.:)

  4. i am so amazed by this structure sir! i can’t believe how detailed and intricate it is. from the walls to the ceilings! i am much more amazed by the people behind it, i can’t imagine how they have done that, such magnificent ART! if they have our technology now, i can’t imagine what they can create. i think i can somewhat feel what you’re feeling about this place sir, only just a little bit though. i need to experience it myself, for me to TRULY be in AWE as well 🙂

  5. it’s so cool that visitors are allowed to even go inside the very dining hall of King Louis XIV, Wow! King XIV was only thirteen years old back then when he first visited versailles and since then he fell inlove with the place…. even i, if i ever see this place personally i think i’ll be falling inlove with it 🙂

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