AMSTERDAM: Windows with Flair

Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the third leg of my recent visit to Europe.  It is so beautiful so I have to (I will) come up with several photo blogs about it.

I now realized how spectacular Europe truly is.  Though I was only able to visit the western part, the uniqueness of each country is riveting.  Each one has its own flair and character.

Amsterdam connects to the rest of Europe by train, and I was able to reach it after a 3-hours from Brussels.   I arrived late at night and I immediately fell in love with it. Walking in the streets of Amsterdam is a reverie. Its beauty is incomparable.  Well, I think every city in Europe is incomparable anyway.  However, Amsterdam is on a league on its own aesthetically speaking.

Amsterdam is very attractive which made this historical city very awe-inspiring.  The Dutch people are friendly, they are approachable and everybody I conversed with were genuinely nice.

Amsterdam’s nightlife which continues throughout the day is something that absolutely shocked me though I was not really surprised.  Their liberated lifestyle is intriguing and almost captivating.  But what interested me the most is this vibrant city during the day.  Please check out some of the photos I took when I walked around one cold and windy morning.

The smallest apartment building in all of Amsterdam squeezed between two large ones.

More on Amsterdam on my next blog.


46 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM: Windows with Flair

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  2. when you look at those pictures, there are lot of things that comes in your mind like “I wish I could see those beautiful and amazing buildings personally.” I wish I could travel like my professor does.
    I think it’s not just a photo, it’s the reality of my dreams, and i would like to thank you Sir for sharing these photos of yours which motivates us to keep striving until we became like you.

  3. Beautiful Pictures sir! Europe is truly special,. you can still have the chance to visit other parts of it sir,. you are still young,. and by the looks of it,. nothing can stop you from fulfilling your ambitions of visiting the whole world,. :))

  4. i heard Amsterdam is famous for its vibrant and diverse nightlife sir.. you should haven’t miss it sir 😀 kidding.
    *i am so amazed by that smallest apartment building in all of Amsterdam squeezed between two large ones sir..
    oh by the way such a beautiful place 🙂
    *nice photos sir 🙂

  5. amazing observation sir faj. I was amazed of the windows design. Keeps me comparing them to our eyes (and our eyelids..of course!) 😀

  6. the squeezed apartment between two large ones is amuzing 🙂 the architectural designs a magnificent sir 🙂 even their windows have unique designs 🙂 I can’t wait for more blog about amsterdam 😀

  7. Every building has different style of window? I love the first picture. The concept amazes me. It really great. I love the view specially the birds. (is that really birds or goose? 🙂 )

  8. Great photos. I love Amsterdam and these beautiful photos perfectly show off the cultural and vibrant side of the city. That a lot of people, especially us Brits just don’t know about.

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