AMSTERDAM: It’s Beautiful

One photo blog of the beautiful city of Amsterdam is not enough, this is the second installment of the photos I took.  The city, the people and everything about this places is just wonderful.  Amsterdam is a great mix of the old and new Europe; it is both cultural and historical.  Walking along the cobbled-stoned streets of Amsterdam is breath-taking.  The city is awe-inspiring, it was beautifully made and throughout the centuries, Amsterdam maintained its splendor.

This is one of the oldest buildings here, built-in 1627.

The view from my hotel window.

There are over 300 canals in Amsterdam, it is the city’s bloodline.  Traversing through the canals is one way to see this splendid city.  Just get on and off in the ferries that sail in the canals and enjoy the view, it’s a must.

Aside from the ferries, riding the tram is one of the coolest ways to get around Amsterdam.

Early morning in Amsterdam is quaint and quiet.

Amsterdam’s high-end mall.

One of the best ways to see Amsterdam is riding a bicycle. There is a special lane for it and it helps keep the environment clean.

My next photo blog about Amsterdam would be about nature.  Yes, surprisingly the Dutch live in great cohabitation with nature here in Amsterdam.  The clean surroundings amidst modernity and amazing people despite their economic status offer a suitable environment for everyone.


36 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM: It’s Beautiful

  1. i’m really glad i have thought to visit your blog this morning, sir. these pictures have rekindled my desire to travel. i don’t know why but your post has actually inspired me to do better in my studies. i have been slacking off this past few months. i have felt so bored and nothing about life excites me anymore but when i actually read this minutes ago, it made feel like i need to slap my own face. haha. i need to focus on my studies again. honestly, i admire you sir lee. i also want to visit the same places you have been to and i don’t think i’ll be able to do that if i’m going to be a failure. i need to have at least a decent job to afford all my future trips. you’re really lucky because you get to travel to a lot of places still at a very young age. thank you for sharing your experiences. may you inspire more students like me.

  2. i wanna see those bridge arcs at night while riding a boat… that would be awesome !
    The Tram reminded me when i was in Italy … -.-, i use to ride one of those to get home … how i miss those memories… and the bike thing … that’s really a great and fun while having a tour.. sure it’s some kind of tiring thing … but its adds to the whole of the experience ! Magnificent pictures Sir =) thank you Sir for sharing ^^

  3. It’s good that bikes are still used in Amsterdam… It lessens the pollution and is a refreshing way to roam around in a great country. Amsterdam really did a good job in maintaining their unique infrastructures Sir, splendid with historic feeling in it. 🙂

  4. ,woaw!! Its so nice to know that amsterdam is also a wonderful place to visit in Europe. Its the opposite of what i thought of that place before, what i thought is that amsterdam is a place where criminals,prostitutes and drug addicts live and that it is a gloomy and unhealthy place to live in, but i was wrong,theres a lot more beautiful things about that place,its really nice to know that behind the bad image that the place has,theres a lot more than that,theres a lot more positive things that can be seen and explored in that place. =)

  5. The beautiful parks in Amsterdam coupled with the canal infrastructure make it unique in the world. The people and the city are very stylish and arty. 🙂 the people are well-disciplined for keeping their place worth visiting for! 🙂 indeed, Amsterdam is more than meets the eye. :))

  6. lovely place! .. maybe it would also be nice to have a special lane for bicycles here in the Philippines.. 🙂

  7. beautiful tourist attraction in this place was made not just for us to see it in cards,commercials,etc. it is a place to be visited…so we are lucky to have a professor like you that you are able to share your experiences and learning to us…this place is great and i’m pretty sure that the people here are awesome!!!!! more power and GODBLESS!!!!!!

  8. Amsterdam… definitely European. Everything is just clean… well-maintained/well-preserved… The 1627 building doesn’t even look grotesque. amazing!

  9. Transportation in Amsterdam is never a problem, I guess. They have a wide variety to choose from. I think it will only be up to the one who will decide if he wants to go for a ferry or train ride. It’s also nice that they also prioritize people who rides bicycle. This type of transportation is not only environment friendly but also has health benefits to the one who’s using it. Good thing for Amsterdam!

  10. Amsterdam is indeed an ingenious milieu and is picturesque to the naked eyes. It embraces the thought that it is really cultural and historical that everyone would be surely fond of going. I can vibrantly and overwhelmingly see the genuine blend of ancient and modern era at this place. Preserving groundwork at the present times is not trouble-free due to unexpected calamities such as earthquake, hurricane, flood, or typhoon itself. I admire the lingering and upholding preservation of Amsterdam to its unique and archaic infrastructures. It reminds me of our visit and jaunt to Vigan. =D

  11. great architectural designs., one of the best features why Amsterdam is so famous., people in there are very artistic and imaginative in construction one., hope to see those ones someday sir., another wonderful blog you’ve share to us sir., 🙂 nice….

  12. I wonder how it’s like to leave floating on those waters! Reading through your blog is like taking me to those wonderful places. Thank God for virtual tourism and the free sharing sir!:))))

  13. I am really amazed with the cleanliness of Amsterdam 🙂 even got enticed because they’d maintain their historical feel of their place 🙂 unlike the other countries nowadays who continuously innovate their places, such historical places which have been remodeled or demolish and make a hotel of sort just to outgrow the number of tourists visiting on their country

  14. Amsterdam, the place where there is cannabis coffee shop. There river is amazing which they had utilize it well and i think that its clean unlike the river in pasig :). They have great structures. I like it, you had amazing photographs over there.

  15. Thank you sir for posting the beautiful place of Amsterdam. Now I have an idea to what I am reading right now, It’s called “The Fault in Our Stars” This is a good book sir, definitely you can come back for more.

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