It’s a laid back Sunday here in the Philippines and in the city where I live situated 5,000 feet above sea level, its cold, wet and really foggy.  While sipping my really hot brewed-coffee and tuned-in at the Olympic Games I decided to finish my three-parts post about my trip to the Netherlands.  I now realize that this blog site is now becoming more of my personal journal that I share with my friends.  Years from now, I hope to go back to my blogs and reminisce.  Like this one about Amsterdam yet again.

I still cannot get enough of this beautiful city.  My visit to Amsterdam was rather refreshing.  It was a contrast to the cold, end of winter experience in Paris and Brussels days before.  Here, I find the people approachable and sincere.  The night I arrived in Amsterdam, I was a bit lost but a very tall Dutch man approached me and inquired if he could help me.  He was kind enough to walk me to my hotel.

The next day, as the sun finally shined for the first time in weeks that I was in Europe, I strolled along the scenic streets of Amsterdam.  What long names these streets have, I thought.  Most if not all ends with ‘strasse‘ which of course translates to ‘street’ in English.  The people are friendly.  I get to talk to people in stores, ticket booths and asked for direction with ease.  Early morning here is wonderful.  The sights and sounds are just simply, adorable.

This is one good way to see Amsterdam if you are feeling nostalgic. The sound of the horses hooves as it thump the cobbled-stones can almost bring you back in time.

This mini-car (the smallest I’ve ever seen) is an eye-catcher. This is a contrast to the photo above. I assume this car is environment-friendly.

At the Dam Square where many tourists and Dutch students meet.

At the Dam Square you will be greeted by this angel. The devil was nowhere in sight, good thing.

The juggler, showing-off his talent.


Amsterdam is home to many museums.  There is a museum practically for almost anything like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum found at Dam Square.

The famous wax museum of Madame Tussaud at the Dam Square.

Museum of Bags and Purses

Torture Museum

Ever heard of a Condomerie ?

Inside the sex museum where a mannequin depicts the famous scene in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Amsterdam’s weird awkwardness is astounding.  Aside from the city’s impeccable beauty and vibrancy, these characteristics make Amsterdam one of the most popular destinations especially for younger people in the world.  Its culture contrast but jive with the conservatism of the old folks and the liberalism of the new generation.

One of the churches at the heart of Amsterdam’s Red Light District

This alley that has massage parlors and sex windows is just a stone’s throw away from the church in the photo above.

I just can’t get over these, too (I had to include two photos) … found along the red light district. The Condomerie.

I was not really very interested in Amsterdam’s nightlife, in fact I slept it off despite my proximity to it when I was there.  What fascinated me the most was how nature and people thrive in great harmony in this bustling life called Amsterdam. These are some of the few things that make me want to come back to Amsterdam:

Flowers about to bloom after the long winter. I can only imagine how they look like during spring or summer.

Pots of flowers outside homes.

A swan swimming along the ‘clean’ canals of Amsterdam.

Birds feasting on bread crumbs in one of the canals.

Stores selling Tulip bulbs, I brought home some but they just did not survive.

Cool Dutch people going about their daily lives.

and of course, the canals.


65 thoughts on “AMSTERDAM: Things I Saw

  1. great place!. I can imagine what is the use of the condomerie 🙂 (Kiddin) What attracts me was the little car, you did an amazing shot getting the car in motion. Above all I love the pictures.

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