Reminiscing 9/11 at the Ground Zero in New York

Three weeks ago I pay homage to the men and women who fell together with the twin towers on a fateful day more than a decade ago, it was September 11, 2001. It was a moment that I longed for all these years when I visited Ground Zero, the 9/11 Preview Site and the Saint Paul’s Chapel of Trinity Church located just in front of the now busy construction site of what was the World Trade Center.

I almost regret that I would not be able to blog about it exactly on September 11 due to internet-server problems.  Then I realized that September 12 in the Philippines is September 11 in the United States.  Lo and behold I woke up right away and composed my tribute to the unforgettable 9/11.

The view of the soon-to-open new tower at Ground Zero

I looked forward more to visiting Ground Zero than the Statue of Liberty on my recent visit to New York; of course, it was poignant despite what seemed like a normal day in the city. The site was my first itinerary in New York.  I cannot help but reminisce as I gaze up to the almost finished single tower that will replace the ill-fated twin towers.  I came from exactly the other side of the world but the memory of that historic day embraced me as I imagined how it was like one of those who perished; those who were just like the many that go about their daily lives today, and perhaps many of those were just like me, a tourist who was just there gazing at the amazing heights of the twin towers.

These are but a few of the many images inside the 9/11 preview site.

The attack on the twin towers was not just an attack to the American people.  On my way to America, I expected that this is a land of white English-speaking people.  I proved wrong and now I know that America is a global community; a melting pot of the world’s various cultures, religions, languages, races, colors, beliefs and customs that despite the utter physical differences is a remarkable similarity, that everyone is human and has the right to live.

This tiny replica of the Statue of Liberty embellished with many tributes, letters, prayers and memorabilia to the victims by their grieving families, friends and from random strangers affected by this senseless tragedy.

I am glad that I visited Ground Zero and I am happy that despite the sorrows of 9/11 and the tragedy it brought to the world a new tower will soon shine in the skylines of Manhattan.  It will now symbolize new meaning for the United States, its people and the world affected by the tragedy one way or another.

The new tower which will give a new definition to freedom and glory will yet again soar high at the skylines of Manhattan.

It will stretch high up into the sky to show the world the resilience and tenacity of humanity to uphold its freedom. I salute you America for that.  You are the land of the free and the home of the brave.


32 thoughts on “Reminiscing 9/11 at the Ground Zero in New York

  1. It seems like yesterday still that it happened. I visited the WTC when I was younger. They were so tall I couldn’t even look up at them. Never in a million years I thought they could fall down.

    • Yes, how fast time flies and its already more than a decade ago. You are lucky to see the towers on its glory days. I only have photos of it and I just imagine how it was really like. Thank you for commenting on my blog, you made my day 🙂

    • yes Enola. It was mixed emotions; happiness because I made it to New York and I get to pay my homage. Sadness and grief especially when inside the chapel and the preview site where I get to read many tributes to loved ones who perished. Pride, joy and triumphant that after more than 10 years, America is back on its feet brandishing the freedom she deserves !

  2. The 9/11 bombing surely made a mark on our world history. To be at the Ground Zero will surely make you feel all the memories keep coming back.

  3. Memories and pain will always be there for the bombing..but as what you’ve said sir, as the new building is up about to open..,hopefully it will really give a new definition to freedom and glory for everyone.mixed emotions about the tiny replica of liberty though,, because i know,,those materials in making it are the letters,and things form their departed loved one..

  4. Sir, someone said to me “If any one ever asks you if you have ever been to ground zero, your answer should be no, now.. if anyone ever asks you if you have ever been to the 9/11 memorial, then you say yes”.
    That is no longer ground Zero but a ground to remember and a place of peace which has been restored. I hope the feeling of being there was extraordinary.

  5. That is a day I shall never forget, as I was one of the air traffic controllers on duty that day tasked with getting on the ground as soon as possible every airborne aircraft in the country.

  6. I truly agree to you Sir. The 9/11 bombing is one of the most tragic thing that happened and shocked the whole world. Many innocent people have died and many families are mourning. Even my brother told me that still many families still takes hold on, on what had happened that they didn’t expect that the day of the bombing would be the last time to see their love ones.

    I hope and wish that soon these left love ones would totally accept everything that had happened and look forward for a brighter life to face. 🙂

    Que les âmes de leurs défunts atteindre le repos et la paix. Amen.

  7. despite of the tragedy there are still a lot of reasons to be thankful and smile again.. and now here comes “The new tower which will give a new definition to freedom and glory”as what you have said sir.

  8. this incident made a mark on our world history,politically to be specific. but despite the tragedy, i still admire how the people who are affected by this incident stood up from the dark past, and i believe that this incident made the Americans tighter and stronger in their relationship most especially in serving and protecting their country.Its also nice to see that there is a new building that is about to open in the ground zero,i hope that it will give a notion of freedom, hope and glory for everyone.

  9. ohh.. i remember the movie of this 9/11 it was really truly amazing to watch that it will made you cry.. this place will be forever a REMINISCENCE of people who died and by generation they will be an important people to the country.

  10. The 9/11 tragedy will forever be remembered, sir. Manhattan is now becoming more beautiful than ever. The freedom tower would be the symbol that heroes never die, they just fade away. 🙂

  11. These twin towers never fails to make me sad about what the Americans experienced… I like hearing stories coming from the survivors of that 4/11 incident… the survivors teaches you to understand that life is short and precious… A new tower for new beginnings… :3

  12. the 9/11 incident O.o made an everlasting remarks with regards to our history. But for those who survived the incident, everyone is still given a chance to start for a new life. 🙂 Being there feels like you’re actually one of those who got involve on the incident O.o

  13. i didn’t remember about that incident in NEW YORK ,that’s why i searched it on youtube.
    it’s really a remarkable sad tragedy,,it’s just like the world saw evil that day…..

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