The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen in my life. I came to realize that even the term ‘grand’ is an understatement to describe this amazing scenery.

There are no words to describe the grandeur of the Grand Canyon.   I hope that these photos give justice to the awesome Grand Canyon.

Thanks to the bloggers who inspired me through their Grand Canyon photos and their recommend to see the Canyon from the South Rim.  Although further away from the nearest view decks, the drive was well worth it.

The five-hour drive from the Las Vegas, Nevada was spectacular.  I would have preferred myself as a passenger to enjoy these views at this time but we have no other choice.  Nevertheless, I had the ‘grandest’ time, adventure and thrill in my life.

The road to the Grand Canyon

I have experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ in this trip that I will definitely treasure, as always, forever.  First time to drive in the United States on a rented SUV and on my first 5 minutes after leaving the drive way, I was pulled-over by the police for driving on the other side of the road.

I had the shock of my life when I noticed that I am driving head-on the approaching vehicles, I made a U-turn immediately and in seconds a police car was behind me.  I was so nervous thinking that I might go to jail or my international driver license revoked that would eventually postpone our trip to the Grand Canyon.  But, just like the videos I see on TV’s Most Shocking,  the police who was very pleasant and polite forgave me and let me go.

It was my first to navigate through a foreign highway with stricter traffic laws with a GPS. I really followed speed limits and traffic signs.  I miss the voice of the ‘lady’ that commanded me to turn right, stay right and turn next left, etc.

First time to self-serve for gasoline.  I made so many gas-stops because I certainly enjoyed it.

I wish to thank the Mabanta family for letting us in their home in Las Vegas and renting an SUV for us free of charge.  And to their mom for accompanying  us to this wonderful journey to the great state of Arizona.

Indeed, the Grand Canyon is stunning, this is certainly not just the first.

The Hoover Dam on our way back to Las Vegas


53 thoughts on “The Grand Canyon

  1. nice sir your blog really gives us ideas and knowledge about the places you have visit. The place was nice. your experience that you share with us will gives us an idea of what to expect in the place. so thank you sir for sharing your experiences and continue this because it is very interesting and helpful.

  2. i enjoyed reading this sir specially on the scene that you are driving and theres a police, i remember your facial expresion when you make kwento this in our class..hehehe.
    ” Grand Canyon is trully a GRAND.. to its beauty and perfection, its seems that the photos are unrealistic, it looks like a painting.. really amazing.. someday i will be there too.. =)

  3. Amazing Sir Lee! What a spectacular scenery. The first time I see this pictures at Facebook, I really try to focus on the pictures because it is truly wonderful and a must place to be visit. Thank you Sir for this very informative article (blog). It really convinced me to visit this soon. 😀

  4. wow! great pictures sir! i hope to see this also in person..if all the rock formations in the pictures are good i bet they look better in person..reading your blog and hearing your stories i believe it is really an amazing place.:) Another beautiful creation by God:)

  5. Wow! This is a place not to be taken for granted, sir! The panorama of rock layers tell that the world has still lot more to offer. I want to visit the place one day! 😀 You already, sir! hehe! 🙂

  6. one word I may describe in this picture “NAKAKALULA”… haha.. Putting myself in that picture, gawd.. Its a big achievement to face my fear in heights.. 😛 I remember the pictures when my dad had his vacation in states and he also visited at Grand Canyon, its genuinely beautiful scenery.. 🙂

  7. you are truly Blessed Sir…Grand canyon is really a wonderful place..
    Despite of busyness in work,still you find time to travel..that’s why I SALUTE you Sir 🙂

  8. grand canyon is one of the most wonderful place in the world,. when i watched the movie (127 hours), i told my self that i will also go there and walk to that big chunks of rock.. 🙂

  9. “What are men compared to rocks and mountains!” (J. Austen) Such line resonates in my head as i scan over these pictures. The Grand Canyon provides a picture of how our planet was formed, of changing times and how some things end like the river that used to flow on these wonders.

  10. Very comely place. 🙂 i really love to visit your blog sir over and over again. I love viewing these places and photos where you have been because these are some of the places where i want to visit and explore someday. Its very overwhelming to stare at every capture because its very nice. I cant wait to reach this Grand Canyon too.

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