Musée du Louvre: There’s None Like It

The Musée du Louvre is one of the world’s largest museum and by far the most immense and the grandest I have ever been. Ranked as the most visited museum and historical landmark in the world, it would be a mortal sin to miss the vast richness of the museum when in Paris or maybe when traveling in Europe. 

Someone will have to spend a day just to browse the expansive collection of precious paintings, sculptures, drawings, artifacts and objects traced back from the earliest times. But many locals claim surely that one must spend two weeks to completely appreciate everything.  The  enormous anthology represents the arts of not only Europe but the rest of the world.

Create your itinerary in Paris ( if you can) that would fall on a first Sunday of the month for a free entrance, otherwise paying a few Euros to get in is more than worth it.  I enjoyed the free entrance making this experience all the more ‘priceless’.

They allow people to take photos and I took hundreds of them.  All of the over 35, 000 objects in the museum are photo-worthy.

A visit to the Louvre is definitely a must.  It is my pleasure to present to you a slide show of a few of my favorite photos in this once in a lifetime escapade inside the Musée du Louvre.

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86 thoughts on “Musée du Louvre: There’s None Like It

  1. Nice.Sir I envy you because I also like to visit that museum, i truly appreciate sculptures, paintings and etc especially if it is about the “Gods and Goddesses”. I wish someday that I could visit those places. Actually I was amazed with those pictures that i dream to go there with my love ones.:))

  2. …..Good evening monsieur Lee Majors Fajilan. The Musée du Louvre is very different museum i’ve seen in my life. The sculptures, paintings, and nice artifacts is amazing and beautiful. When I’m in high school we visit the Benguet museum and I see the beautiful sculptures and i was so amazed that museum is very important and very nice place to visit. I’ve like visit also the Musée du Louvre like you sir. I want to explore the whole Paris, France also in my dreams. I’ve learned a lot from u sir your very inspirational instructor to me. Hope to see more of your travels sir. Merci beaucoup monsieur Faj.

  3. The pictures are so captivating. And it only proves that people are so artistic. The museum’s designs are very intricate that makes people astonished and captivated. 🙂

  4. Sir lee you are so lucky for being able to visit amazing places like Musee du Luvre, a museum that is filled with imagination and creative hands, an experience that will surely last for a lifetime. You were always an inspiration to many students, giving us the chance to dream bigger and strive harder for us to know how it feels like to delve into the beauty of the world:)

  5. Me and my sister have been dreaming of going to Paris ever since we were high school.
    looking at it makes me feel unexplained emotions and really is Paris never fails to surprise us with many things

  6. God is so amazing ! I love the creations even though it is man made. The shots are so captivating and proves the people are so intelligent and artistic. I really love your pictures here in your blog. How come you can go to this place in 1 month. I was also amazed to you sir. Idol 🙂

  7. OMG!!!!!!i can’t believe this beautiful sight I’m seeing…i wish to visit this place soon,and I know you enjoyed being in this place…it is so obvious in your pictures and I want to feel the same way sir…I am so determined to visit this places soon with my family & friends …GODBLESS SIR!!!!THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS TO US!!!! 🙂

  8. Last day bein’ with you monsieur! merci merci beaucoup pour tout! J’ai appris beaucoup de choses de vous. Je ne peux pas être l’un des plus brillants élèves de la vôtre, mais je vous assure que toutes les leçons que vous avez appris sera conservé. I hope I can be like you someday. It was so enticing seeing you exploring the world together with your love ones. Ahm. I’m just curious sir??ahm? How could you manage to travel while working in the academe for twice or thrice a year to those different places? And sir, if I may ask, how would you interpret the painting at Musee de Louvre quoted with “The scariest paintings”? This thing bothers me a lot the moment I saw it and I know you can provide me a clearer view. I know that someday those things that you’ve taught to us would be a great help on our chosen endeavor!
    -> “ARIGATO”
    ->”XIE XIE”
    -> “GRACIAS”
    and in the language you have thought me: “MERCI BEAUCOUP MONSIEUR”

  9. Entrancing, what a tech tour it is. Every photo illustrate an eloquent distinctly characteristic. That each pieces of art presented let every viewer to say a “winning shot”. Fastidious shots sir. I love it.

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