A Perfect Day in Paris: Sights and Sounds

For sure, a day is not enough to explore Paris.  Yesterday sure was tiring but there are so many to see and experience in this cultural melting pot.  One cannot get enough of the vibrant, tranquil and picturesque life in Paris.

The French themselves are the best advocates for visiting France.  They believe that their way of life is the best and that their country is the most civilized on earth according to the book Eyewitness Travel Guides. 

The French celebrate food and wine like no other.  Their literature, art and architecture are expansive, diverse and stimulating. I was lucky to witness some of these in Paris and I am just really excited to share them to you.

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C’est la vie !





87 thoughts on “A Perfect Day in Paris: Sights and Sounds

  1. i can’t wait to see myself in Paris experiencing all the things you’ve experienced sir and also to do things that was new to me. i definitely love Paris 🙂

  2. When I was still a little girl, I really want to go to Paris, well Paris is really nice place to visit. Since 1848, Paris has been a popular destination by rail network, with Paris at its center. Blogs convinces me more to go and experience Paris! :))

  3. All pics shows that Paris is soo clean city, beautiful for its flowers and with great diversity. 🙂 Human mind is curious to explore and know about various events and places around the world. no doubt we admire its beauty after seeing it but after sometime we will definitely miss our home and our country. i visited so many places around the world but i could not find a place like my homeland. Isnt it?

  4. Oh your shots are very fascinating monsieur. It makes me more excited and eager to visit this lovely place. I can see the loveliness of this place on those smiles of every individual on the photos, tiredness will be obliterated while exploring and mesmerizing the beauty of the place. :))

  5. ohla. because of you sir! i’m inspired to leisurely visit different destinations in the world like Paris . It triggers me to find work and migrate here na. haha

  6. Paris, the land of love. I love to go to this place. That’s my short term goal. 🙂 hopefully after I graduate and landed a good job I can go there with my parents 🙂 Anyways. you have an amazing shot there.

  7. Paris is such a wonderful place, all the pictures are nice Sir. I hope I can visit Paris someday. To visit Paris is a “success” for me 🙂

  8. Bonjour Monsieur! now I know the place where I want to be lost, It’s “PARIS” it’s because of the amazing pictures that you had shared to us sir especially when I saw the pictures of the students playing on the subways, most likely the pictures with musical instruments just like the violin, playing music where ever you want and just making people to make a voluntary tips, and yeah this is a amazing city to visit someday . . .

  9. indeed Paris is truly exceptional, good to see how diverse Paris when it comes to culture, people, and art. you really did a great job monsieur! more tour around the world:)

  10. I never thought I’d love Paris (and other places) as soon as you taught us how to speak in French, Sir. It is as though I’ve traveled there myself just by scanning these photos that you took there and by speaking their basic language. How I wish I can go there someday and this time, it is me who will be proudly showing you my photos that I finally get there. 🙂

  11. I agree sir! 🙂 It’s true. What the French have more than other people around the world is passion. They are very passionate in almost everything. Even French romantic movies show their passion for making love. One day of visiting Paris is clearly not enough. But that’s a good thing though because maybe tourists wouldn’t want to leave Paris once they’ve established a bond with the place. 🙂 nice pictures sir 🙂 They really make me want to visit Paris someday too. 🙂

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