Un Jour Parfait à Paris

What to do when in you are in the most romantic city in the world?

How to spend a day at the City of your dreams?

How can you make a visit to Paris perfect enough to reminisce until the day you see it again?

Anyway you spend a day wherever you are will be just right for as long as you are having fun. Here’s how to make a day in Paris perfect.

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Indeed, it was un jour parfait !


64 thoughts on “Un Jour Parfait à Paris

  1. , how i love this bLog fOr iT makes me more knowledgeable about the place, inspired, motivated and triggered tO visiT FRANCE specially PARIS, the places there are really a must see.Those pictures amazed and captured my heart how much more if i personally see and touch those. Maybe all i am saying are “OH mY god”, “wOw”, “perfect”. =)
    i must reach my dream, and that is to visit Paris!
    thank yOu sir for sharing thIs bLog.

  2. Paris is undoubtedly one of the most culturally captivating cities in the world. see you soon Paris 🙂 And I will 🙂

  3. J’adore Paris! A seriously stunning city with the WoW factor, so rich in culture and history. What great recommendations! Merci Monsieur.;) I’ll definitely keep those tips in mind if I have the chance to visit Paris in the future.;)

  4. i’m craving for that strawberry crepes 🙂 i hope i can also travel in France and take pictures like you do Monsieur. looking at the photos was like being with you in France thank you for that Sir 🙂

  5. ohhhh Paris.. the place i’ve been dreaming of bumping someone.. “The City of Love”. ❤ Whenever i see it in movies or in picures, it melts my heart. i really wanna go there. it is actually included in my list. For now, i will enjoy looking at it in the movies and pictures. but someday, i will surely be there! see you Paris! 🙂 When im there, i will enjoy every second of my life. i will enjoy every scenery. and of course, i will enjoy the FOOD! 🙂 Merci beaucoup pour une image parfaite Monsieur Faj! 🙂 xoxo!

  6. I realize that there are a lot of things to do when your in Europe particularly in Paris after reading all of the blogs! I hope I can see all of those beautiful things that you are sharing right now with us Monsieur Faj! God Bless you always! 🙂

  7. wow! 🙂 If i’d be there sir, I’ll explore the whole of it and try their gourmet cuisines. out of curiosity sir, do thy really serve a ratatouille there? ;). I got amazed with all the Greek Mythology sculptures that they praise in a way that they gave credits to them by putting them on their parks, builidings/ establishments 🙂

  8. magnifique photos Monseur Faj! 2 thumbs up ! as always, I love reading all your blogs, it’s so inspiring and motivating 🙂 Honestly sir, i’m not fond on reading blogs but as i read your blogs I am becoming interested on such especially on your blogs sir, its so interesting and knowledgable. Keep up the good job sir. Hope to read more of your blogs 🙂 God Bless!

  9. P.A.R.I.S

    PHILANTROPHIC. A place that’s a gift to humanity with its distinct, beautiful and unique attractions that are offered to people visiting the place…
    AMAZING. Paris is truly a place where every visitor can’t explain how happy they are for getting into this place.
    ROMANTIC. One of the best place that is perfectly fitted for couples. ♥
    INSPIRING. When I started reading this article about Paris posted by sir Faj, my dreams became bigger. À tout à l’heure Paris!
    SATISFACTORY. By just looking at the pictures, Paris is absolutely satisfactory and encouraging:)

  10. PARIS… The things that comes into my mind are the mouth-watering FOODS (especially the strawberry tart in the photo)..CHAMPAGNES..PEOPLE..CULTURE..LANDMARKS or the FAMOUS PLACE..FASHION..SHOPPING..and PARIS as the CITY OF LOVE. 🙂 Merci monsieur for the tips on how are we going to have a perfect day in Paris if get a chance to travel France…

  11. Merci beaucoup monsieur.faj for sharing your pictures. 🙂
    It’s really a fantastic place… Hope to go there someday… I want to see and experience those things 😀

  12. Paris is the place to be.. Very astonishing place..Inspiring cultures and the people there is nice ..The food also is mouth watery ahahah..=) nice photos monsieur..

  13. like people say:
    Paris is the most beautiful place ever, where you can see the beauty of sculptures and structures, the best food ever and unbelievable spots that will mesmerize you.

    just like what happened to me last night., i was reading your blog whole day, paris also appeared in my dream, it seems true that i already reach and see paris personally. thank you sir for the experience you’ve shared to me, not just me but to the others who wish to reach paris.

  14. salut monsieur faj. remember M remember E remember CHarlene thats ME. The next tym u visit paris, i’m looking forward for it =D . nice and awesome photos monsier faj. 🙂

  15. salut monsieur faj.remember M remember E, remember charlene thats me. the next tym u visit paris. i’m looking forward for it =D. NICE AND Awesome monsieur faj 🙂

  16. Wow! such stunning photos sir. Those exquisite dishes and historical structures make Paris one of a kind. Trully, there is no other place more Romantic than Paris, the perfect getaway for lovers.

  17. I think, i dont need to go to Paris anymore sir, You’ve taken pictures of all the magnificent things that i am looking forward to see in Paris someday, and after seeing those pictures, i indeed agree that visiting Paris is worth spending! 🙂

  18. Living and visiting Paris is I think God’s one way to let us know some of its wonderful emblems and luxuries. Every inch, every arch, and every curves of the church’s forepart and monument are perfectly angled. The church’s peaks hugged by the clouds from above the sleeping skies were awesome to make as an artistic tableau. I am pretty sure that this structure will have a lengthy existence since it is really a hotspot tourist destination and I can see that the French community is taking care of it. I hope to visit here someday. Paris dear, the city of my dreams! thumbs up for every picture sir. 😀

  19. This sem would be the most unique ever that i experienced to be a student of yours sir because we do not only learn inside the classroom but we enhance more our knowledge because of your blog sir…may we and others always see your great smile sir….mas nakakhawa po kasi…..God Bless po…

  20. Thank you Sir for giving us insights. I’m much entice now to go there immediately. I know we will be bumping each other in the beautiful city of Paris so soon. God bless! ☺☺☺

  21. Bonjour Monsieur Faj! 🙂 I enjoyed browsing your photos and stories about your travel. Paris, many says that when you’re there it is rainy, romantic, smell of frenchy food, fashion shows, cold nights and many more. City of Love <3. How I wish I can visit Paris someday. Experience also the wonderful experience there. 🙂 Continue sharing your experiences and photos in your travel Sir! 🙂 Godbless you! :)))

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