The Color of My Garden

It is a bright and sunny morning here in Baguio City.  The cool mountain breeze which signifies that Christmas is just around the corner is so chilly it makes me want to roast some chestnuts on an open fire.

Instead, I head out to the garden where I see that the flowers are now all in bloom.  The monsoon rain is finally over and I am happy to see that my garden is moist but not soaked.  The morning sun brightens up the colors of the flowers.

This calls for some photography I thought.

Amidst the chirping of the birds and accompanied by my dogs I took these photos.

Ah, the color of my garden…


38 thoughts on “The Color of My Garden

  1. Bonjour Sir FAJ, I am so happy that you are so attached with this colorful creation of God called” Nature”. All these colors promt us for new beginning and life. Everyday in life is unique and a new beginning for new borns(buds etc),and everything is interconnected with each other like flowers with birds (for reproduction in plants for flowers , birds help in pollination). Thats why Shakespeare said god is the director of the play which is being played on earth and this nature is all for our benefit. sir u r lucky enough that u got the chance to explore and exist in nature, keep on posting the beautiful images because they soothing effect to our eyes….. 🙂

  2. i really love your pictures sir.. it portrays your colorful life… IT MEANS SUCCESS!! i thank you for sharing your success

  3. I remembered the what my aunt used to tell us when we are younger “Flowers are God’s smiles on earth when we pick one we take away that smile”.

  4. WOW.!!.NATURE’S APPEAL this time :).Is it the flower ?, the quality of the camera? or it’s just your talent sir that made it so extra special?because the pictures are truly NICE !..some flowers are ordinary for me but it was presented in a very creative way..sir just a question who planted this beautiful floras ..NICE JOB :))

    • Thanks Clarissa. I guess the quality of the photos is the result of the wonderful morning I had. By the way, I planted all those by mother nature took care of the rest.

  5. what a nice garden, full of colorful flowers.Looking at these flowers every morning makes the day beautiful. I guess this is one reason why every time we enter in our class, sir Lee has always been in good mood. This awesome photos reflects your nice personality sir. 🙂

  6. You have done a great job sir. I really appreciate your shots. I want someday to be like you. You are my inspiration and i want to follow your footsteps. Have a nice day sir. God Bless you always in whatever you will do

  7. Those beautiful flowers reminds me of my lola. She always talk to her plants, She said they will bloom more beautiful and grow faster if she talks to them. I remember my lola gave me a sampaguita and everyday I talked to that sampaguita. My lola was so happy whenever she see me talking to the flower she gave to me. I miss lola so much. Before i go home this coming Saturday I will make sure ill buy flowers for my lola… Thanks for those photos. Beautiful shots sir Faj. 🙂

  8. hello sir! happy vacation 🙂
    what a nice garden, how do u maintained this beautiful garden of urs sir? kase someday, i want to have gardens too, soon, if i have my own house hehe 🙂

  9. Nature is really fascinating. With our busy daily activities we tend to forget the beauty of nature. Sir with the above photos, I say thank you for sharing it. It was sensational.

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