Happy Halloween

It is the night before November 1, All Saint’s Day. It is an important holiday here in the Philippines.  This is the day when everyone remembers their departed loved ones by visiting them in their resting place. Millions of Filipinos travel to distant provinces and islands to celebrate or commemorate.  It’s a long weekend too so I bet everybody will enjoy their long vacations.

Though I’d definitely just stay home this year and light several candles for my father, grandfather and many others whom I love dearly; I just had enough of all the scary stuff being shown on TV from the cable networks to the local channels.

Seriously, I get it and since the start of this week the horror movies come one after the other.  Though I can’t say I did not like them (horror movies) and all that but I just really have to take a break and lighten things up with these photos of Halloween in the largest Theme Park in South Korea, The Everland.

This is perhaps the scariest I can go, yup, seriously.

This is the nearest I get close a dead tree with Casper above me.

If catching ghost is this easy, I’d definitely recommend it to the ‘Ghost busters’.

Want some pumpkin?

Pumpkin Soup anyone?

Now that’s really scary 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone, now who’s ready for a trick or treat?


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