New Pups in the House

Meet our new puppies, Chukchak and Chenes.  They are typical Filipino dogs also known locally as Aspin. A dog in the Philippines is aso and pin is short for “pinoy” which is a colloquial term that refers to Filipinos.  Thus the term aspin = as+pin.

Anyway, I think they are just about a few weeks old.  I like these dogs because they just won’t stop barking if they feel like they need to go. So we let them out of the house to do their thing.  How’s that for potty training?

I hope they can withstand the cool mountain climate here and serve as guard dogs in the future.  An aspin is known as very loyal and overly territorial. They protect their masters and their abode with all their might.   So intruders and strangers alike, beware.

This is Chukchak, she’s a girl.  We name her like so for a lack of a better one.  We used to name our dogs after famous people like actors and beauty queens but we just got tired of naming them such.  I don’t know what Chukchak means but it’s like an expression that could mean, ‘whatever’ or ‘anything’.

Serious pose, full body (well, almost)

Meet Chenes.  She’s a girl too.  She’s quite the shy type.  Hopefully she evolves into a wild one someday.  Just like Chukchak’s name, Chenes doesn’t mean anything concrete.  It’s an expression that could mean ‘anything’ or ‘whatever’.

Half body, serious

Close up, passport photo

Love these pups… aren’t they cute ?


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