Ditumabo Waterfalls

The Ditumabo Waterfalls lies at the heart of the rainforests of the Sierra Madre in the Aurora Province.  It is west of the Luzon Island in the Philippines and faces the Pacific Ocean.  The province, just like its beautiful name boasts of spectacular natural beauty and home to a wide array of flora and fauna.  This waterfall is 30 minutes away from the capital Baler.  Aurora is the country’s last frontier and is about 8 hours away from Manila.


7 thoughts on “Ditumabo Waterfalls

  1. one of the best nature attractions in my province!! 🙂 Ditumabo Falls or what they called “Mother Falls”. this is why im very proud of my province., for me, Aurora is the only place in the world that have this. To all your followers and readers Sir Faj, im inviting them to visit our province, for them to experience and witness the real beauty of nature :)) Thank you for posting this sir hehe 🙂 libutin niyo pa buong Aurora sir :p

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