Inline with this week’s theme about Geometry, I thought I’d re-blog my fascination about the geometrical symmetry of the fabulous windows of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam in the Netherlands was the third leg of my recent visit to Europe.  It is so beautiful so I have to (I will) come up with several photo blogs about it.

I now realized how spectacular Europe truly is.  Though I was only able to visit the western part, the uniqueness of each country is riveting.  Each one has its own flair and character.

Amsterdam connects to the rest of Europe by train, and I was able to reach it after a 3-hours from Brussels.   I arrived late at night and I immediately fell in love with it. Walking in the streets of Amsterdam is a reverie. Its beauty is incomparable.  Well, I think every city in Europe is incomparable anyway.  However, Amsterdam is on a league on its own aesthetically speaking.

Amsterdam is very attractive which made this historical city very awe-inspiring.  The Dutch people are friendly, they…

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