Romanticizing the Stones

The Bayon temple is a magnificent stone structure.  It is at the center of the ancient city of Angkor Thom.   The entire Angkor Wat complex is splendid but the Bayon temple standout peculiar.  Although relatively the newest of all the temples in Angkor, this 12th to early 13th century temple depicts a bravura of authentic architecture.

This temple’s most captivating feature is the gathering of massive yet tranquil stone faces on the towers which protrude out all over. The temple also has an impressive set of bas-reliefs from the medieval age.

The Bayon temple in ruin is part of a rich culture, religion and history of Cambodia.  It has obviously suffered the battery and test of time.  Though the walls, floors and ceilings have dilapidated, its  deterioration manifests strength.

I am lucky enough to see the Bayon temple for the second time.  A treasure trove for all people to see.


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