Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (3)

Aerial Geometry

My persistence to seat by the window and stay awake during flights paid off.  I took these photos just for souvenir and not in my wildest ‘blogging’ dream to include it here until this week’s photo challenge about Geometry.

I still remember how the flight attendant would tell me to shut the window because it was too bright outside  but I just couldn’t let go of the stunning aerial view from Virginia to San Francisco. I don’t get to see this everyday. This was around 30,000 feet somewhere above between Nevada and California.  I thought that I had to maximize my first ever two-week American dream tour after getting denied a tourist visa last year and finally able to get one after a nerve-wracking interview with an officer at the Embassy.  I’ll do anything to take a snap shot of almost everything in America.

These shapes took my breath away; primarily because I thought I have seen these on TV or one of those Science fiction movies and they are just marvelous, perfect for souvenir shots.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry (3)

    • That’s true. You need patience, perseverance, a good seat, nice seatmate and a lot of waking hours. And hopefully it’s a clear cloudless sky. Thank you for dropping by and commenting, I really appreciate it 😉

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