America Will Overcome Hurricane Sandy

The waving American flag at Ellis Island

It’s been a few days since Super storm Sandy hit the East Coast of America.  The news, pictures and videos clearly show the devastation it left on its path. I can’t help myself to tune in and find out how America is coping up.  It’s true when they say that when America sneezes the entire world catches cold.  I feel for you.

I am from a country exactly on the opposite side of the United States’ east coast when you look at the globe, yet I feel for the American people at this time of tragedy.  I was in New York and New Jersey two months ago to visit friends and relatives and watching the news remind me of the places I’ve been. My heart goes to those who have lost their loved ones. 

But I know well how the Americans are like. You are charitable, sympathetic and warm. You help each other out in times of need.  There is nothing that  can put your spirit’s down. And with that for sure you will be alright.

Your faith in the GOD that you trust and the resilience embedded on your hearts are bigger than the tragedies,  whether natural and artificial, that come your way.

We have hurricanes (typhoons) here too, and they come like clockwork at a minimum of 19 each year. And at the end of each passing one we look back at what was and move forward.  We learn from  each one of them.  Hoping that in the future, we know what to do in preparation.  I know you are like that too, and more.

Your people take every trial as a test of your spirit and you overcome.  You move forward and inspire, keep it up.

The whole world looks at you as the most powerful nation on earth because you are the only one so blatant to proclaim to TRUST in GOD.The God that you trust is bigger than any tragedy that came and will come your way.

I know you will overcome, you will rebuild, you will rise up,  as always, you will.


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