Travel Theme: Bright

A lighthouse is a structure designed to radiate light from lamps to help maritime navigators at sea or on waterways. They warn navigators of dangerous coastlines, shoals and reefs and at the same time assisting them in approaching or entering harbors.

In line with this week’s travel theme, I thought of a lighthouse like this one from the island of Basco in Batanes.

Batanes is the smallest and the northernmost province of the Philippines.  It is right in the middle where the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean meet. The islands of Batanes are also located along the path of typhoons that visit the far east which fits the tagline ‘lands of howling winds‘ for Batanes. The islanders are known for their honesty. The 360 degree vista of the surrounding waters and rolling hills are breath-taking.

The photo below is the lamp inside the lighthouse.

Literally, this is BRIGHT !


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