Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

I find the word ‘renewal’ so strong.  So strong that it took me days just to come up with photos that I feel would best symbolize this word.  Personally, I find the word so poignant especially in this hard and pressing time.  Renewal is important to combat the stresses of our daily lives.

As such, I came up with these photos from a weekend of revitalization, refreshment and restoration in a place where doing such is perfect, in the paradise island of Boracay.

The waves that hit the shorelines of Boracay symbolizes restoration. People leave footprints, create castles and dig holes in the sand but when these waves come, it flattens the surface and leaves it as smooth as it can ever be.

In this pond in one of Boracay’s most amazing resorts, I find this soon to bloom lotus. It symbolizes new beginnings, a brand new cycle.

Rainbows; it symbolizes a new covenant, a promise. After an overnight rain and thunderstorms I saw this rainbow, it means no less than a promise of a better day.

After three days of calm rejuvenation in the tiny island of Boracay, I was on-board a local flight back to my city and in the best of my luck I was by the window where this beautiful sunset remind me that all things may come to an end but soon a new and brighter day will come. This sun is about to set on the majestic Luzon island below.


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