Travel Theme: Liquid

This week’s travel theme is relevant, refreshing and wet. It makes me want to wash my dirty car, take a bath, have a drink or probably sip a hot soup as it is quite cold tonight.

The liquid, which is one of the three states of matter is also one of the most important elements on earth that we tend to take for granted.  Water, which is the most common form of liquid covers much of the world’s surface but there would not be enough for human consumption unless we conserve it.

Coming from a country surrounded with water and from a city ranked as one of the wettest inhabited places on earth, we experience the magical phenomenon a liquid can only do so well year round.  We are more than grateful.

This theme will not only remind us of a travel where we captured a photo about liquid but also tell us that water should be conserved and cherished. Its significance in our lives encompasses our existence.

I salute Where’s my backpack? for the initiative to use it as this week’s travel theme.  So, here’s my contribution to this week’s amazing theme: liquid.

Soft waves in the golden sand beach of Pagudpud, north of the Philippines.
The Ditumabo Waterfalls in Aurora, west of Luzon in the Philippines.  The falls is a source of geothermal energy for the province.
Rain showers during my recent visit to the island of Boracay.
Freezing water in one of the natural pools made of stalagmites inside the deep caves of Sumaguing in Sagada in the Cordillera Mountains.  The cave supports the livelihood of the local community through tourism.
The releasing of water in Ambuklao Dam.  The dam is one of the sources of our drinking water.
This is a stream in the tranquil town of Baler in Aurora Province where the people leisurely hang out. The fresh water that cascades from the Sierra Madre mountains irrigate the farms.
The small falls in Sagada, Mountain Province
Water as a decorative centerpiece in one of the hotels in Baguio City.
A waterfall in the Bicol Region, south-west of the Philippines
A shellfish soup in Zamboanga Peninsula, the Philippines’ southern tip.

36 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Liquid

  1. it is the perfect combination of awesome pictures and lovely writings…u make me itching to plan a trip too..!

  2. OK. Scrolled down, then up and back again. Rain showers in Boracay is my favorite. Thanks for putting this together – like the thread you created with each and for the tip on Where’s My Backpack.

    1. You are so sweet Maria. Thank you. Do you join the group challenges as well? It’s fun, fulfilling and worthwhile 🙂 Thank you for dropping by again. Don’t get tired of me please.

      1. Lee, I don’t participate in the challenges, maybe I should – but it’s a blast to see what others come up with. Oh, don’t worry about wearing me or other followers out – you post interesting stuff.

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