Amazing Photos

I am not a professional photographer neither do I own a very expensive camera with high-tech accessories. Perhaps, you say, exactly that’s why your photos look like that šŸ™‚ Kidding! I just love to take photos of the places that I visit, the people that I meet and even the food that I get to eat. It is a remarkable feeling that in the ‘busyness of life, I just had to pause, browse through my photos and reminisce the wonderful moments I have on this earth and I am revitalized. Photos are a great reminder of how far one have gone or have been. A reflection of one’s appreciation to this God-given bounty of endless beauty. And, to be able to share this to people is equally astounding. I consider my photos amazing, in my own point of view, because indeed they are. !


38 thoughts on “Amazing Photos

  1. Oui sir, it’s our passion… me too I love taking pictures especially the nature. It’s not only capturing those wonderful scenery but it’s helping others to explore and discover the beauty of life by simply browsing your pics.

  2. šŸ™‚ its an amazing place and as a adventurous monsieur, . i am too because i want to discover something new about a place especially to natures and tourist attractions and to have a new experience. . šŸ™‚

  3. you are such an aahhhmazing instructor sir .. thank you po for sharing us those pictures.. sir, continue to inspire people .. God Bless šŸ™‚

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