A Happy Life

“One good reason why you should not forget to pray is because God did not forget to wake you up everyday”. One of my best friends sends me text messages like this, they come like clockwork exactly the same time everyday. Sometimes, its my wake up call. Its revitalizing to receive messages like this, it is something to fonder on the way to work or while preparing for work. It gives a positive feeling, a sense of belonging and indeed a very important reminder that yes, we may be strong and able but without God regardless of all our strengths and ability, when he switches off our life, that is the end of it. Thank you Lord for waking me up everyday so that I can be with friends that make life a happy one.


26 thoughts on “A Happy Life

  1. Your the best sir :> You made my summer worthwhile 🙂
    You dont only teach us about our topic or about international tourism, but also you teach us about life 🙂

  2. Thank you sir for the experience you shared to us, I learned a lot from you, I hope that i can be like you sir having a happy life and you share to us how beautiful the world is and how to take care of our environment. I salute you sir, I will not forget you sir, hope to see you soon sir around school and around the earth, and i will wait other pictures and blogs of you sir.

  3. i’m expecting my summer class to be boring but you proved me wrong sir 🙂 i really enjoy the way you teach us and the way you tell us stories 🙂 i won’t forget you sir 🙂

  4. nice choice of places monsieur faj 🙂 tres bien! magnific! i wish one day i could follow your steps in travelling.

  5. Sir, I gotta say, you’ve inspired me to write a blog, too. I’ve been going through a lot and I have found this is a healthier way to bring out how I feel. 🙂 Thanks sir, you’re the best. :’)

  6. Happiness has more to do with us…how we feel, how we look at things, the ability to let go…than the circumstances in life. Happiness is as much a choice as is love….you choose to love…you choose to be happy…or you choose not to. You choose these things despite the circumstances.

    havey2 sir:))

  7. I love your blog! I need SO much more time to explore the entire site, and see all the places you have been. It’s really incredible! I wish I were able to have the freedom to travel all over. Can’t wait to see more~!

    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such an inspiring note. I really appreciate it. I hope you get to explore my site and be able to travel to your heart’s content. I shall post more soon 🙂

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