Africa: The Big Five

One of the highlights of my recent trip in South Africa was a visit to a wild animal reserve about 2-hours away from Cape Town. Africa is known for the Big Five game animals though I always thought that the giraffe should be on this list but the lion, buffalo, leopard, rhinoceros and the elephant completes the list.  And after this ‘wildlife’ tour, I wanted to include even the zebra and the hippos.

The term big 5 was coined by hunters and not because they are all big literally (of course the elephant is huge), but because they are the most difficult animals to hunt and the degree of danger involved.  The big 5 are believed to be among the most dangerous yet very popular for big game hunters. Which I hope is no longer a popular past-time for hunters !

African Bush Elephant Big5 Cape Buffalo big5 lion Big5 leopard Big5 rhinocerosAfrica now uses the Big 5 for marketing purposes, thus my collection of key chains and ref magnets after the tour aside from the wonderful photos I took.  The Big five animals can be found in South Africa, Botswana, Congo, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Namibia and Uganda.

These Big 5 however can be found from the Aquila Private Game Reserve,

Travel Theme: Soft (2) Animals

What could be softer than the naturally feathered or furred animals.  So for this week’s travel theme, I created a separate entry to feature just a few of my favorite animals that I really find not just cuddly and cute, but ‘soft’ as well.

My first meet with a Koala on a recent trip to Sydney’s Featherdale Zoo. Up close and personal, this Koala was not shy at all.
This one is a bit shy quite grumpy too.
This tropical penguins are just so cute. They walk funny.
Lovebirds showing off their affection to one another. These are just two of the many African and Eye ring lovebirds in our collection.
These are the tiny finches.
This dog has been the friendliest stranger dog I’ve ever met. He was so friendly he just walked with us during our trip in the island of Batanes. He loves cuddling and enjoys being tickled. If only I could have brought him home.