Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

A tropical country has only two seasons; wet and dry or the summer and rainy days.  We don’t get to see a dramatic transition of these two seasons unlike in places where there are four.  Unless, these seasons bring forth more than what they should deliver.  Like when rains pour than normal, we experience flood and landslides which makes this gloomy season gloomier.  Or when the summer months scourge more than it should, we see drought and devastation of crops. Well, that’s a different kind of drama. Can you picture it? Maybe not at this time where I’m having a grand time enjoying this ‘season’.

So, in this week’s photo challenge I would like to focus on the season that we’ve deliberately added to our lives and everyone hopes it lasts year round.  It’s the season where everybody is joyful and hopeful of the great memories it could bring. It’s the season where families reunite, enemies reconcile and everyone sings a happy tune of lullabies.  The seasons which like tides makes people nicer and kind.  It’s the season that sends people to the malls to buy gifts not for themselves but for people everywhere. It’s the season that makes houses, trees and roads turns colorful and bright.  It’s the season that turns regular breads to fruit cakes and ordinary meals to feasts.   It’s the season of hope, camaraderie and friendship.  The season that brings good cheer to everyone who anticipates it.  It’s the season that we look forward from the moment it ends and rush to it the moment September starts.  The season that we celebrate the grandest and perhaps the longest.  It’s the season that commemorate the birth of the one who saves the people of the earth.  It’s the season that does not only change our surroundings but our hearts as well. It’s the Yuletide Season, our favorite season of all.

Giant Christmas trees lights city centers, town halls, parks, malls and homes all over the country every Christmas Season
Regular trees turned colorful and bright.  This Giant Christmas Tree was lit amidst fanfare and fireworks which signals the start of the Merry Yuletide Season.

From the tropical paradise of the Philippines – I wish all of you to enjoy this wonderful season.


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More power and Mabuhay to all of you !

Lee Majors

All the Right Reasons to Be Happy

My mother whom I lovingly call ‘mama’ greeted me a week before my birthday through text. In her usual lengthy and thorough text message in our native language Tagalog, she expressed her overwhelming happiness and pride as I am about to be 34 in a few days. She reminisced how she was rushed to the hospital four weeks before my birth day due to tremendous bleeding. She was afraid she’d lose me. She was in excruciating pain and was given multiple injections to help keep us both alive. Her childhood friend died upon giving birth earlier that year due to the same medical situation she had. My mama did everything in her might to prevent the same from happening. After all the labor pain and the agony of my mama I was born under c-section on November 20 exactly 34 years ago. We were out 9 days later. After weeks in the hospital with all the procedures, tests and medications my parents incurred hefty hospital bills. The doctors and nurses perceived me as a very expensive baby; they suggested I’d be named Lee Majors after the Hollywood actor who played the six million dollar man back in the 70’s. The name I have together with the day I was born will be a perpetual reminder of that fateful day 34 years ago.

My birthday cake last year on a surprise kiddie party courtesy of my friends.

In my mom’s text message she added what seem like a summation of what I should be in life. That as I gain the knowledge of my generation that she prays that I humbly give myself before my creator, she being an evangelical pastor herself that is always the essence of her messages for me.  She concluded by saying that I submit everything and recognize the sovereignty of the almighty God.   That she loves me and very proud of me.

That text message is my source of strength and happiness, like how mothers are, the sincere appreciation of the things we do in life and the subtle reminder to love God above all is the greatest birthday greeting I have this year.

Though I opt not to celebrate my birthday with a bang like what I did for the last 16 years, I decided to just take it easy and just muse over the past years of the great life and love that I have.  Rekindling every moment and just be thankful of this blessed life is what I plan to do today.

My kiddie party last year with my mama (in pink) and my grandma (Inay) in green. A surprise party by friends and family.

My Facebook notifications and messages overflow with greetings from family, friends, students, peers and acquaintances.  I feel loved today.  Each one in their simple ways wishes me happiness on my birthday.  I will be forever grateful for this day and I shall not forget that exactly 34 years ago my mother was in labor, she did her best to deliver me out of this world to enjoy what life has to offer.  The hardships and pain only a mother can unconditionally do for her child makes for a more precious 34 years of existence as I continuously pray for more.

Now, I realized that I should celebrate, be truly happy, and enjoy my birthday and all the days of my life, for a great woman suffered and risked her life in order for me to be born and live.

I have all the right reasons to be happy.

Happy birthday to me ! Thank you Mama