Travel Theme: Circles

“Where’s my Backpack?” enticed me (and many others too) to pay homage to all the circles that we see in our travels.  So in response to his call I went in ‘circles’ in search for just a perfect fit.  And here’s my version to this week’s travel theme Circles;

Here are just a few of the many circles I saw from 30,000 feet on board a flight from Chicago to Las Vegas.Circles
Fire dancers in the Island of Boracay create this awesome fire circles.

Fire Circles
The circles in the ceiling at the lobby of the Cesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas.

Circles in the Ceiling

This water fountain at the lobby of the Bellagio is a sphere. Perhaps, a circle?


This art work makes the façade of the Novotel Hotel in Seoul South Korea marvelous.

Circles Facade
The Fisherman’s Wharf logo is circle.

Circle Logo
I need not travel really far to take this photo.  I use snow globes as centerpiece for my living room.

Snow Globes

These weird-looking fruits in the island of Batanes could be circles too.

Weird Fruit

Have a good one everybody !