Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

What inspires me to blog? I paused and started to think, why I blog in the first place. I started blogging 6 months ago so that I can share all my travel experiences with my students in the university pursuing a degree in hospitality and tourism.  Teaching is my calling while traveling keeps me updated, learned and inspired.  I realized that text books are not enough to supplement the information my students need to compete in the world later on. I believe that experience is the best teacher and storytelling is the greatest way to convey all these to them.  Students love to hear stories, it keeps them interested and the photos I took compliment the stories and helps get the message across. Since majority of my students are always on the internet, I created a blog that they can browse, read, and react to during their spare time or on long vacations to make sure of continuous learning. I endlessly take photos of practically anything to update my blog.

My friend Efren took a photo of me while trying to get the probable best angle of the Pyramid at the Louvre in France.

I urge them to create a blog and share it to the world especially those who are into special talents, skills and hobbies. The internet practically created the world a smaller (better) place and turned it into a global community of people who likes and shares ideas that no other educational institutions can probably give now.

When I first saw the Louvre I yelled, “This is it, this is it” ! After seeing Paris it made me yearn to see the rest of the world.

Thanks to the internet and the bloggers out there, my students get a glimpse of the world that they never knew existed.  It’s a surprise that the things I’ve read and learned all these years is practically just a miniscule of the things I learned from other bloggers in a span of 6 months. Virtually meeting people who live practically on the other side of the world with different cultures, languages and backgrounds who share the same aspirations, ordeals and dreams the same way my students and I do is priceless. The people, places, things and ideas help them set their goals and dreams in life further as there is so much in the world to see.  I hope more than anything else that my blog as one of my teaching materials inspire my students the same way it inspires me to see the world and love my job.


40 thoughts on “Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

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  3. Sir you really know how to capture one’s heart. ahhhh I really dream of going there. I’m glad you’ve shared this photo and i would like to say thank you because now I have someone to look up to. I’ll post mine too… someday”)

  4. sir, we are very lucky that you became our teacher in our major subjects because you really know what’s the best for us your students…And I admire you for that sir…truly you are a “significant person”..

  5. Sir,thank you for the stories or experiences that you have shared to us this sets us an inspiration to give our very effort to reach our goals.

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